Goddess Hathor

Hathor was a cow goddess and a cosmic goddess. She nourished all life with her milk and her name meant “House of Horus”. Some legends, name Hathor as the consort of Horus and she formed a Triad with him and their son Ihi.

Hathor was one of the most popular deities in ancient Egypt, worshiped by everyone from the pharaoh to commoners. The origins of her cult are unknown but scholars believe her worship began before the beginning of the dynastic period. She was the ancient Egyptian goddess of love and the Greeks associated her with the goddess Aphrodite. Hathor personified joy and motherhood as well as love.

She was the goddess of dance, foreign lands and music as well as being the patron goddess of miners. Hathor was the fertility goddess who helped women in childbirth. The Egyptians associated Hathor with the Milky Way which they called the Nile of the sky. They also called her the “Mistress of the West” and believed she welcomed the dead into the Tuat.

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2 thoughts on “Goddess Hathor

  1. Gaining knowledge about Goddess Hathor was beautiful, Magickal, and full of Wisdom. I have been interested in the God’s and Goddess’s for a long time. I haven’the heard about this particular Goddess. It has got me searching for more info.

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