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While the following two posts might not seem directly related to The Craft they are directly related to The Old Ways. What are The Old Ways some of you may ask? They are the ways of our ancestors honoring and living in harmony with all things on, below and above Mother Earth. It is the way those of us that practice The Craft should live. It is what we should try to reach others no matter what their spiritual path is. I do not mean to imply that we need to “shove” our beliefs down anyone’s throat, I mean we need to show them by example. For instance, take a small trash bag with you on walks and maybe a rubber or plastic reusable glove than when you see litter left by others pick it up, out it in your bag and then dispose of the bag properly. My now 14-year-old granddaughter and I started doing this on our walks around my neighborhood when she was just a toddler. While some of my neighbors at first have us strange looks, it wasn’t long before I noticed some of them doing the same thing with their children. I can now years later walk about a half-hour radius of my home and see no litter to be picked up.I

With this year’s official Earth Day just a memory… Don’t you think it is time to lead by example of making every day a day to honor Mother Earth?

If any of you, my dear brothers and sisters know of published stories like the two that follow this post, I ask that you please either put the link in a comment on this post or email me the link so I can post it. The degrading and killing off parts of Mother Earth are not just happening in the U.S.A. or Iceland but it is a worldwide epidemic and to me it is not enough just to say we care we have to walk the walk of helping to heal her and this, in turn, will help heal some if not many of mankind’s diseases, illnesses, and heartbreak. This applies to our other living brothers and sisters no matter what species they are, what kind of plant or tree, to once again let the creatures in the waterways live life to its fullest potential for them, ectara.


Blessed be dear ones.

Iceland Trying to Keep Humans from Trashing Mother Earth

10,000 ISK worth of coins fished out of hot spring in Geysir geothermal area

The Icelandic Environment Agency has been trying to crack down on the practice of throwing small coins and change into hot springs, installing signs explaining to travellers that the practice is banned as well as mounting clean-up efforts to fish coins out of springs. One hot spring in the Geysir geothermal area, Blesi, yielded 10,000 ISK in small change when volunteers cleaned the spring last summer.

To read the rest of this enlightening article, please click on this link: http://icelandmag.visir.is/article/10000-isk-worth-coins-fished-out-hot-spring-geysir-geothermal-area

More Proof of Humans Damaging Mother Earth

Tourist Trash Has Changed the Color of Yellowstone’s Morning Glory Pool

Researchers have found proof of what caused a hot spring’s drastic color modification—it’s people, of course

Read more: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/tourist-trash-has-changed-color-yellowstones-morning-glory-pool-180954239/#kd36bszOSJg9LcEB.99
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Read more: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/tourist-trash-has-changed-color-yellowstones-morning-glory-pool-180954239/#kd36bszOSJg9LcEB.99
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Your Daily Tarot, Runes, Ancient Symbol Card & We Have A Few New Ones Just for You

Welcome to one of our favorite episodes, we love drawing the Tarot cards and doing Rune readers for ourselves. So why not do them on a daily basis for our family & friends? We couldn’t see why not. It never hurts to be prepared, does it?

In this episode….

Tarot Card of the Day

Daily Love Tarot

Your Daily Influence for Today

Daily Witches Rune

Your Ancient Symbol card for Today

Your Animal Spirit Guide for Today

Your Daily Numerology for Today

Your Charm for Today

The Wisdom of the Buddha

and last but not least, A Little Thought from Me to You!

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The Witches Spell of the Day


Your Magickal Guide To Thursdays

Charge of the God


Listen to the words of the Great Father, who of old was called Osiris, Adonis, Zeus, Thor, Pan, Cernunnos, Herne, Lugh and by many other names.

I am the Flame that burns in the heart of every being,
And in the core of every Star.
I am Life, and the Giver of Life,
Yet therefore is the Knowledge of Me
The Knowledge of Death and Resurrection.

I am alone, the Lord within yourselves,
Whose Name is Mystery of Mysteries.

I am the Lord of the Universe,
The Father of all living,
The All-Devourer and the All-Begetter.

I am He Whose Seed lies strewn
As glittering Gems across velvet darkness
Within the Womb of the Mother.

I am the Lord of the Shadows
In the darkness of the Underworld,
For I am the Midnight Sun.

I am the Light of the Stars,
And the Spark of the Spirit Eternal,
For I am the God Within.

I am the Horned Leader of the Hosts of Air,
The Leader of the Wild Hunt,
The Judge of Gods and of Men.

I am the seed of grain,
I am the seed of flesh,
I am the Seed of the Stars.

I am the Lord of the Heights,
I am the Lord of the Depths,
God of forest, of flock, and of field.

I am the Hunter and Hunted,
I am the wolf and the Shepherd,
I am the vine and the grain.

I am a Guiding Star above you,
I am a bright Flame before you,
I am a smooth Path beneath you.

I am the Light of Life.
I am the Flame of Love.
I am the Horned God!

My law is harmony with all things.

Mine is the secret that opens the gates of life and mine is the eternal circle of rebirth.

I give the knowledge of life everlasting,
and beyond death I give the promise of regeneration and renewal.

I am the sacrifice, the father of all things, and my protection blankets the earth.

Hear the words of the dancing God, the music of whose laughter stirs the winds,
whose voice calls the seasons.

I who am the Lord of the Hunt and the Power of the Light,
sun among the clouds and the secret of the flame.

I call upon your bodies to arise and come unto me.
For I am the flesh of the earth and all its beings.
Thru me all things must die and with me are reborn.

Let my worship be in the body that sings,
for behold all acts of willing sacrifice are my rituals.

Let there be desire and fear, anger and weakness,
joy and peace, awe and longing within you.
For these too are part of the mysteries found within yourself, within me.

The Magick of Thursday

Planet Ruled: Jupiter


Colors: Blue, purple, green


Deities: Jupiter, Juno


Magickal Intent: Abundance, protection, prosperity, strength, wealth, healing.


Magickal Days of the Week – Thursday


Thursday is a day of royal blues and greens, associated with the planet Jupiter and metals like tin. When it comes to deities, look at leader type gods like Thor, Zeus, and Jupiter. Gemstone correspondences for Thursday include turquoise, amethyst and lapis lazuli, and plant associations can be found in honeysuckle, cinquefoil, and even oak trees.


This is a day for honor, fealty and family loyalty, as well as harvesting, success, and prosperity.


Take advantage of Thursday’s different aspects and do spellwork that brings abundance to you, declares your allegiance, and embraces prosperity.



Patti Wigington, Paganism/Wicca Expert
Article published on & owned by ThoughtCo

Today is Thursday, April 27th


Thursday is the day of the planet Jupiter, dedicated to Thunor(Thor), God of thunder and agricultural work. His parallels in various European traditions are Zeus, Taranis, Perun, Perkunas and St. Olaf. The faith of the Northern Tradition holds Thursday sacred, just as Islam reveres Friday, Judaism the Sabbath(calculated from sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday), and Christianity, Sunday. This is why almost all adages about Thursday are positive, such as “Thursday’s child has far to go,” “Sneeze on Thursday, something better,” or “Cut nails on Thursday for wealth.” Thursday rules controlled optimism, energetic growth, physical well-being and material success.

Deity: Thor

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn/Pisces/Sagittarius

Planet: Mercury

Tree: Oak

Herb: Henbane

Stone: Turquoise/Bloodstone/Topaz

Animal: Fish/Goat/Aurochs

Element: Fire

Color: Brown/White/Orange

Number: 3

Rune: Thorn



Celtic Tree Month of Saille (Willow) – (April 15 -May 12)

The Runic Half Month of Man (April 14 – April 28)

Goddess of the Month of Maia – (April 18 – May 15)


The Pagan Book of Days
Nigel Pennick

Today Is Thursday, April 27th, We Celebrate…..


Themes: Community, divination, promises, justice, morality

Symbols: Oil, soil

About Mati-Syra-Zemlya: This goddess’s name means “moist mother” alluding to her fertile aspects. She attends today’s festivities to hear oaths and witness legal decisions that may affect the rest of the year. Any promise or sentence made with one hand on the earth, or in her name, is completely binding. In some areas her motherly nature is expressed through healing qualities, while in others she has prophetic ability. An appropriate gift for her is hemp oil.

To Do Today: This is a civic-oriented holiday during which people gather to conduct regional business, including voting, budgets, and tax proposals. It’s a very old custom adorned with lavish clothing, ceremonial swords, and I suspect, an eavesdropping goddess(just to keep everyone honest). If you need to tie up some pending business, work on your personal budget, or balance the checkbook, honor Mati-Syra-Zemlya and draw her ethical energies to you by getting busy!

Alternatively, if you’ve been thinking about getting more involved with your local or magickal community, make a commitment to Mati-Syra_Zemlya to start making efforts in that direction. Simply place a hand on the ground and speak your pledge to her ears. The goddess will respond by giving you the time and energy needed to fulfill that commitment.

365 Goddess: A Daily Guide To the Magic and Inspiration of the goddess
Patricia Telesco

The Witches Guide To Thursday


Today is the day for prosperity work of all kinds. It can also be used for healing work, whether that is a physical healing of an illness or an emotional healing. Also remember that you have to follow up your healing work and prosperity magick and physical action.


I can’t tell you the number of times I have met new witches who complain to me that their prosperity spell or “I need a better job” spell did not work as they expected. They’ll ramble on and on about how much time and money they spent working their magick….but, alas, they had no glorious manifestation of wealth or fabulous job that suddenly dropped out of the sky and landed in their laps.


Then, when I gently ask them, “Did you enchant your resume or application when you filled it out? Did you do a little confidence-boosting spellwork when you went to apply for the job or went to the interview?” typically they give me a blank, confused stare.


Nine times out of ten, their response is, “You mean I have to go out and actually look for the job too?” Um, yes, my dear, you certainly do. Magick follows the path of least resistance, which means it’s going to manifest along the simplest, quickest route. Get out there and hit the pavement. See what you can find. Times are tough and competition for good jobs is fierce, so you need whatever edge you can get. For folks like us, we’re going to get the edge by using our magick and our spellcraft.


Thursdays have such a rich source of magick for us to draw upon that, honestly, the sky is the limit. This is the day associated with the gods of the sky and heavens, after all. Get to know these deities and add their wisdom and magick into your days



Book of Witchery: Spells, Charms & Correspondences for Every Day of the Week
Ellen Dugan

Custom Magick for the Witches Thursday

Well, let’s see … abundance, prosperity, and good health has been our focus for this day. Now how about a little more information and ideas for working practical magick with one of our fascinating featured deities of the day?

Juno was the Queen of Heaven. As the matriarch of the gods, she guarded over women in every aspect of their lives. Juno was thought to have renewed her virginity every year. Similar to other goddess stories, Juno was a triple goddess-a virgin who belonged to no one; a mother and woman in the prime of her life, sexual and mature; and also a crone, powerful, wise, and sometimes vengeful (as she made her husband’s many mistresses’ lives either fairly unhappy or short).

There are references to an early all-female triad of goddesses known as the Capitoline toline Triad. This triad consisted of Juventas, Juno, and Minerva. To the Greeks, they would have been known as Hebe, Hera, and Hecate. Ultimately the triad became Juno, Minerva, and the male Jupiter. Jupiter, another of Thursday’s gods, was Juno’s consort.

As mentioned earlier, Juno, in her aspect as Juno Moneta, was the patron and protector tector of the Roman mint. The coins produced at her temples were blessed by Juno and imbued with her powers of abundance and prosperity. In another of her aspects as Juno Augusta, Juno was the goddess of an abundant harvest.

In addition, another of Juno’s magickal correspondences is the semiprecious stone malachite. Malachite is a beautiful green-banded stone that was also called the “peacock cock stone” in Italy. The peacock was a sacred animal of Juno’s, and the magickal energies of malachite encourage health and prosperity.



Book of Witchery: Spells, Charms & Correspondences for Every Day of the Week
Ellen Dugan

A Tadbit More Witchery for Your Thursdays

Try wearing some honeysuckle-scented perfume to encourage prosperity. Bewitch someone by wearing deep royal blue or brighten up a dreary day by wearing lucky, prosperity-drawing green. Brew up a pot of mint tea to help increase your cash flow. Try adding a pinch of nutmeg or cinnamon to an unscented candle to encourage some fast cash. Bake up a loaf of wheat bread for the family, and celebrate abundance and be thankful for all that you have.

Conjure up a witchy craft and create a philter or two for your magickal needs. Work with the deities and the magickal plants featured in this chapter and experiment. How did the energies of the plants of Jupiter enhance your magick?

What did you learn by working with Juno, Jove, or Zeus? The truth is that by adding these new techniques and information into your spellcasting repertoire, you will indeed advance your skills, thereby moving up in the ranks to become a more adept magickal practitioner.

Just by believing in yourself and working toward creating abundance, health, and prosperity, you have already begun to transform your outlook on life. Put your game face on; think positively. Work with Thor for perseverance and courage, and apply those qualities to your own prosperity spells and healing witchery. Break out the tarot cards; take a careful look at those images of the three featured cards in this chapter. How could you incorporate that symbolism into other spells of your own design?

Call on the gods and goddess of Thursday and bring some positive change, abundance health, and prosperity into your life!



Book of Witchery: Spells, Charms & Correspondences for Every Day of the Week
Ellen Dugan

The Witches Almanac for Thursday, April 27th

Freedom Day (South Africa)

Waxing Moon

Moon phase: First Quarter

Moon Sign: Taurus

Moon enters Gemini 9: 39 pm

Incense: Carnation

Color: Green

About the Gemini Moon

Witty and charming, Gemini Moon is fun and pleasant to hang out with. Their twin aspect also makes them moody and irritable, though. If you can put up with the constant switch from one to the other, you will find that they are very interesting people to be around. They like to have a hand in everything, are usually well-informed and are the basis for the saying “curiosity killed the cat.” Their inquisitiveness is all-encompassing. Like other air signs, the Moon Sign Gemini is adept at saying what they think is expected before they have a chance to think about it. They may also imitate others’ behavior if they think it is more acceptable than just being themselves.


Gemini Moon needs a lot of stimulation to keep their interest. They are either, talking, reading or thinking… they never stop. They bore easily. You may notice they are somewhat restless, and may worry incessantly or appear to be perpetually nervous. Since they are more likely to reason things than feel them, they are capable of handling anxiety, worry and sorry better than others.


Sociable and friendly, Gemini Moon has a talent with words. They have a great imagination and always have way too many irons in the fire. Some may tend to pay too much attention to what everyone else is doing and forget what they needed to take care of. They often have artistic talents if they can be persuaded to stick with it and develop them. They may pick up one interest, only to drop it a week later for another. No matter what they end up doing, they need an outlet for creativity. They also need contact with others. Social interaction is needed like they need air… they can’t survive without it.


Gemini Moon is a great organizer, even though inside they may be unsettled. While they are very open-minded, their ability to make a decision suffers for it. Even so, the versatility and adaptability that they have is an exceptional trait. Monotony is their worst fear. They prefer change and adventure.
If they have a problem, they want to talk it out. They like to analyze their problems, which can make them look detached. In fact, they may feel more comfortable talking about their feelings than experiencing them. Because of this, it is common for this Sign to often feel misunderstood. If you have a friend with a Moon Sign Gemini, they will want to help you solve your problems in the fastest, most clever way they can manage. Be prepared to be peppered with questions so they can get all the facts.


When in a relationship, they are loyal and loving. Their problem is that those they may be attracted to physically may not stimulate them intellectually, and vice versa. While they don’t like being tied down and demand a certain amount of freedom, once they have made up their mind to commit, they’re in it for the long haul. Unfortunately, even to those who know them well, the Moon in Gemini person comes off as fickle.


Always Astrology.com

Your Correspondences for Thursday, April 27th

Magickal Intentions: Luck, Happiness, Health, Legal Matters, Male Fertility, Treasure and Wealth, Honor, Riches, Clothing Desires, Leadership, Public Activity, Power and Success Incense: Cinnamon, Must, Nutmeg and Sage

Planet: Jupiter

Sign: Sagittarius and Pisces

Angel: Sachiel

Colors: Purple, Royal Blue and Indigo

Herbs/Plants: Cinnamon, Beech, Buttercup, Coltsfoot, Oak

Stones: Sugilite, Amethyst, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli and Sapphire

Oil: (Jupiter) Clove, Lemon Balm, Oakmoss, Star Anise



Jupiter presides over Thursday. The vibrations of this day attune well to all matters involving material gain. Use them for working rituals that entail general success, accomplishment, honors and awards, or legal issues. These energies are also helpful in matters of luck, gambling, and prosperity.

Thursday is Ruled By Jupiter

Thursday is a Jupiter day. Here is the day of the week for prosperity, abundance, and good health. Thursday is “Thor’s day.” This Norse god gave the day his name and many of his attributes, including strength and abundance. Some suggestions for Thursday enchantments would include:


Wearing a regal and royal shade of blue to see how it affects your mood and your magic. Other colors for the day include purple and green


Carrying a turquoise tumbled stone in your pocket to draw a little protective and healing energy your way Incorporating honeysuckle blossoms and cinquefoil foliage into prosperity charms


Calling on Thor for abundance, or on the Roman god Jupiter for the ability to peacefully referee a fight


Adding a few oak leaves—which are sacred to these Thursday gods—to your charms to see how much better your spell works out


Casting a charm with wheat stalks for prosperity, and calling on Juno Moneta to bring wealth into your life


Baking up some whole wheat bread and blessing it for abundance. Be sure to thank the gods for your family and your good health.

Aspects of Jupiter


Notes: Perform on a Thursday and/or during the waxing moon, with the Full moon being strongest. A purple or blue candle.



Color: Thursday



Color: Blue, purple



Metal: Tin



Stones: Lapis lazuli, amethyst, turquoise, sapphire.



Plants: Anise, betony, cinquefoil, jasmine, lavender, oak sage, yerba santa.



Rules: Sagittarius, Pisces



Oils: Anise, beramot, cedar, fir honeysuckle, jasmine, laveder, ntmet, orris, strawberry.



Rules Involving: honor, riches, health, friendships, the heart’s desires, luck, accomplishment, religion, trade and employment, treasure, legal matters.

Thursday & The Perfect Corresponding Spell


Thursdays are good days for travel and change. It’s the perfect day to re-arrange the furniture of your house and gain a new perspective on something. Even if you are not able to do any traveling on this day, you can still use Thursdays to do spells for travel. You can even do spells for positive change, and re -arrangement of your life. It’s a good idea to exercise on this day, as well. That way, your body can be in-shape by the time Friday comes along.


Vehicle Blessing Before Traveling

Goal: To bless a new or existing vehicle.


Optional extras: Sage smudge stick; salt and water


Notes: This spell can be used for any vehicle, including trucks, motorcycles, boats, etc. Before or during the spell, walk around the vehicle and smudge it with the sage, then sprinkle it with the salt and water. Visualize a shining shield being placed around the vehicle. (You can substitute the word car, truck, or whatever.)


With fire and air, I bless this vehicle
With earth and water, I bless this vehicle
May it run smoothly
May it carry me safely
Wherever I travel
And return me safely to my home
In the name of the goddess
I bless this vehicle
In the name of the god
I protect this vehicle

And all who travel in it
So Mote It Be



Everyday Witch A to Z Spellbook: Wonderfully Witchy Blessings, Charms & Spells .
Deborah Blake

A Guide to Birthmark Superstitions

Angel Kisses or Mark of the Devil?

by Phylameana lila Desy


Birthmarks have quite the reputation, good and bad both. They have been called both Angel Kisses and Marks of the Devil. Quite the polarity of meaning between these two names bequeathed upon birthmarks don’t you think?


Throughout history, birthmarks were feared by superstitious, paranoid, and religious fanatics. But in the present day, many believe birthmarks are indeed lucky omens with special meanings indicating reincarnation, life purpose, or destiny.


Some people believe that birthmarks are clues to the cause of injury or death from the previous lifetime. In this case the location of a birthmark on the body could indicate a wound. In addition, the shape of the birthmark could be even more telling. For example, a sword or dagger could indicate a stabbing. A flame or torch shape could mean a prior death by fire. A circular marking could indicate a bullet hole. One man was told by a psychic that his birthmark that resembles a hangman gallows meant he had been hung—and in his case, unjustly so! Some people believe that anyone who does not have any birthmarks died of natural causes in their past life.


Aside from a sword birthmark possibly being a past life death indicator, a sword could also signal a past life of a being a warrior, or having lived with great strength or bravery.


It has been speculated that certain birthmark shapes might indicate a specific trade or ethnic group from a former incarnation.


Some believe that birthmarks imprint upon the soul a memory, or a reminder of a lesson learned in a previous incarnation, so as to avoid a similar path or conflict in present day.


Animal shaped birthmarks can indicate a special connection with the animal kingdom, and specific to the spirit animal teachings. Common animal markings resemble cats, rabbits, birds, a snake, or fish. You might have a birthmark that looks like an animal paw, a feather, or wings. Any of these indicates a connection to animals; look to them for insight or enlightenment.


Favorable birthmarks are those that resemble protective symbols such as a rabbit’s foot, a four-leaf clover, horseshoe, angel wings, etc. Rather than carrying good luck amulets in your pocket you already have a built in shield. You have been blessed by spirit or the angels.


Birthmarks have also been thought to be forms of identification, helping twin flames or soul mates to reunite. Heart-shaped birthmarks are especially beloved—a symbol of universal love. Families have sometimes have reported that the same birthmarks show up on their relatives or through the generations. Remember my ear pierce birthmark? My aunt was born with a similar piercing.


Crescent moon, shooting stars, and sunbursts are favored birthmarks.


Some people with such birthmarks often will feel a strong connection to the cosmos, looking to the skies during introspective periods. Others have reported birthmark shapes that align with their zodiac signs, such as an archer, scorpion, or libra scales.


Sacred or spiritual symbols as birthmarks are interesting too, giving pause along with a questioning mind and heart, These shapes include pyramids, diamonds, circles, Star of David, or the rare merkaba.


You might notice that your freckles tell a story. Freckle clusters create images or resemble maps or regions. They might look like the shape of Florida or the Hawaiian Islands. One woman told me that she has a strand of freckles that resemble the big dipper running from her elbow to her wrist. Also, odd dots that are not the typical freckle can form in clusters.


There is really no end to what a person’s birthmark looks like. They might look like letters of the alphabet, flowers, a space ship or even a dancing pig!


Published on ThoughtCo





Good Thursday Morning To All! Welcome to Your Daily Astronomy for Thursday, April 27th

Good Thursday Morning to Everyone! We hope you are having a very beautiful Thursday. Rather chilly here, believe it has turned off Winter again. We start our broadcast with a little background on our next Sabbat, which is Beltane and it occurs on May 1st. In cast you are new to Witchcraft or just learning about us, Beltane is one of our Festivals that we celebrate throughout the year. Even though it doesn’t occur to May 1st, we like to start supplying our members with information they might need for that particular Sabbat.


Now let’s get that history and get this show on the road…..


A Brief Look at Beltane, May 1st


Beltane is the last of the three spring fertility festivals. It is the time when the sun is fully released from the bondage of winter and able to rule over summer and life once again. As summer begins, weather becomes warmer, and the plant world blossoms, an exuberant mood prevails. May is the month of sensuality and sexuality revitalized, the reawakening of the earth and Her Children. It is the time when we reawaken to the vivid colors, vibrant scents, tingling summer breezes, and the rapture of summer after a long dormant winter. It is a time of extraordinary expression of earth, animal, and person; a time of great enchantment and celebration.


Beltane’s Promise

Gathered by the lapping water’s shore
In the moonlight, a fire flickers high
God and goddess welcome you this eve
To find your lover and dance as one

Songs of Earth and Water beckon a rising crescendo
The tunes will bring fruition to dreams and greening fields
Tremble with the power rising
A two backed beast moves thru the night

The furrow is plowed, the seed is planted
The Earth sighs in contentment for love of a God
The eastern sky lightens with a promise…
Another Beltaine, another season of love.


Tracy Martzall, Author
Originally published on Everything Akasha


Also included in this episode…

Astronomy of the Day

In Your Sky Tonight

The Witches Current Moon Phase

About The Waxing Crescent Moon

Venus in Aries on April 28th

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Your Horoscopes


Faeries in the Garden

Faeries in the Garden

In some NeoPagan traditions, the Fae are often welcomed and celebrated. In particular, the Beltane season is believed to be a time when the veil between our world and that of the Fae is thin.

It is important to note that the Fae are typically considered mischievous and tricky, and should not be interacted with unless one knows exactly what one is up against. Don’t make offerings or promises that you can’t follow through on, and don’t enter into any bargains with the Fae unless you know exactly what you’re getting – and what is expected of you in return.

If your tradition is one that celebrates the magical link between mortals and Faeries, you may want to take advantage of the fertile Beltane season to invite the Fae into your garden. Here are some ways you can make your outdoor space welcoming to the Fae.

  • Build small houses or caves out of stones in your yard. Tuck them into hidden places under bushes, or in your flower garden.
  • Craft small wooden chairs and tables to place outside. Paint them in bright colors, and wrap them in ivy or other vining plants.
  • Some people believe the Fae are attracted to water. Place a birdbath or a small wishing well as an inviting spot for Faeries.
  • Create a circle of stones as a magical place for the Fae.
  • Faeries are often associated with the sound of bells. Make a bell wand and place it in a spot where the breeze with catch it and draw the Fae in, or hang tiny bells from your tree branches.

Some gardeners believe that certain types of flowers are practically magnets for the faerie folk. If you’d like to attract them to your flower garden, plant things like sunflowers, tulips, heliotrope and other flowers that typically draw butterflies. Your herb garden can be a good place for faeries as well, if you include plants such as rosemary, thyme, mugwort, and members of the mint family.

If you’re partial to trees, in addition to your flower and herb gardens, you might want to consider planting tree that are associated with the Fae. Oak trees, in particular, are often linked to faeries, and in some areas it is believed that a great oak is the home of the Faerie King. Another tree to plant for the fae is the hawthorn, which is seen as a portal to the faerie realm. Along with the ash tree, known as a home for faerie clans, the oak and hawthorn form a perfect trifecta of fae-attracting trees.

To see beautiful image incuded in this article by Patti Wigington please click on this link: https://www.thoughtco.com/welcoming-the-fae-at-beltane-2561634

The most alarming of all man’s assaults upon the environment is the contamination of air, earth, rivers, and sea~

“Only within the moment of time represented by the present century has one species-man- acquired significant power to alter the nature of his world.
“During the past quarter century (written in 1962) this power has not only increased to one of disturbing magnitude but it has changed in character.
“The most alarming of all man’s assaults upon the environment is the contamination of air, earth, rivers, and sea with dangerous and even lethal materials.
“…chemicals sprayed on croplands or forests or gardens lie in the soil, entering into living organisms, passing from one to another in a chain of poisoning and death.
“Or they pass mysteriously by underground streams until they emerge and, through the alchemy of air and sunlight, combine into new forms that kill vegetation, sicken cattle, and work unknown harm on those who drink from once pure wells.

To read the rest of this article please click on this link: http://www.mysticmamma.com/the-most-alarming-of-all-mans-assaults-upon-the-environment-is-the-contamination-of-air-earth-rivers-and-sea/?utm_source=Staying+Connected.&utm_campaign=af4ee1ad22-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_04_25&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_4e5f3f8d66-af4ee1ad22-441410765&mc_cid=af4ee1ad22&mc_eid=7b948bd042

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