Agate /ˈæɡət/ is a rock consisting primarily of cryptocrystalline silica, chiefly chalcedony, alternating with microgranular quartz. It is characterized by its fineness of grain and variety of color. Although agates may be found in various kinds of host rock, they are classically associated with volcanic rocks and can be common in certain metamorphic rocks.[1]

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Seekers and Guides: The Three Degrees of Wicca

Wicca has changed a great deal from its founding in its modern form with the New Forest Coven.  Once, degrees and initiations were an essential part of the practice, but now, with solitaries and eclectics outnumbering most other forms of Wicca, such ways have been almost forgotten.  Most Witches today do not understand the purpose or need for initiations.  They tend to view them as excuses for “trad Witches” to be arrogant and hierarchical.  Unfortunately, even some initiated Witches seem to see it that way.  My background includes eclectic and solitary practice, as well as initiation in two very different traditions, so I thought I ought to take some time to explain what initiation and the Three Degrees of Wicca are all about.

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Seeking the Liminal: It Starts as a Search for Self

Everything that is creative is spiritual. It can be argued that the reverse applies—everything that is spiritual is creative. Which isn’t to say that spiritual means religious, because that’s not it at all. Rather, creativity taps into something liminal; a venn diagram centered between reality and imagination and, when good, blends them into a seamless space.

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