Your Daily Love Tarot Card for August 13th is The Pope

Your Daily Love Tarot Card for Today

The Pope









The word “experience” reminds us that some things, even involvement in faulty love, improve us through the practice. This card invites you to new, truthful relationships because you have been there and done that with deceptive people who dare to lie, even to the Pope. You are one step closer to the love you desire and deserve. Two people’s duet or symphony reaches a higher octave if in a relationship.

Tarot Card of the Day for August 13 is Ace of Cups

Tarot Card of the Day

August 13th, 2018











The suit in Tarot known as Cups is also referred to as Chalices or Hearts. It represents the emotional and psychic aspects of life — fantasy, imagination, feelings, love.

An Ace of this suit in this position generally shows a hand holding up an overflowing cup, which gives forth an endless stream of water, wine, blood or soma for the people’s refreshment and healing.

This card represents an unfailing source of balm for body, heart and soul. It suggests that you can relax into a safety net of love, support and communion. is Part of the Daily Insight Group © 2018


This Week’s Tarot Card Reading: Nine of Wands Reversed

This Week’s Tarot Card Reading: Nine of Wands Reversed

Your weekly Tarot card advice for August 13-19, 2018

Feeling burned out this week? The overly emotional reversed Emperor, our theme card this month, expends a lot of energy, often taking the hard way toward reaching a goal, waylaid by emotional upsets and unnecessary conflicts. If you are feeling exhausted this week, don’t give up on your goals! Try to regain a sense of the bigger picture. The reversed Nine of Wands indicates you are very close to reaching your goal. Try to see the difference between the reality of your situation and feelings that are colored by stress.

Take a break, even just for a few minutes, to breathe and regain some perspective. Examine what is left to do and make a plan for completion. It’s OK if this plan is different from what you originally expected; life is unpredictable in many respects, and circumstances change. A strong leader is flexible, able to adapt when encountering the unexpected. A strong leader understands that setbacks are a way to learn even more about what will eventually work, thus strengthening the final result. This week you must find the courage to persevere. is Part of the Daily Insight Group ©2018