Lammas Ritual

I would like to invite all witches to our First Coven Ritual on Sunday, August 1 at 8PM EST. We will do an open chat starting at 7:30 PM EST. Come join in on the this amazing ritual.

If you are interested in attending, please contact us at the following email:

This will be on a pre approval basis. Please contact 24 hours prior to ritual go give us time to approve anybody that wants to attend.

Blessed Be!

High Priestess Raven SpiritWalker

Full Buck Moon ritual July 24th

Full Buck moon ritual July 24th

Thursday, July 22, 2021

10:17 AM

Full Buck Moon Ritual

Recipe by Francisco Huanaco

In this Full Buck Moon ritual we will store feelings of bright and vibrant summer time so that they can bring us strength and perseverance for the winter months ahead.


  • 1 gold candle
  • Moon journaling page (print it below)
  • Gold pen, pencil or painting utensils

How to cast the spell

  • Light the candle on your altar. If you don’t have a gold candle, replace it with a white or yellow candle.
  • Set an intention for this ritual. Write down in your journal page how strong, capable and full of fiery power the fullness of Summer makes you feel. Think about what brings sunshine to your heart and make a list or draw these on the page.
  • Hold the journaling page and say:
  • Sit comfortably and read over these joys to yourself. Feel the power of the summer light up your Spirit. Take a gold paint brush or gold pen, and write or color the following:
  • Recite the statement. Then, for a few silent moments, imagine yourself as a magnificent stag with a beautiful rack of antlers, standing in a clearing in your forest as the Summer sun goes down and a Full Buck Moon arises. Feel yourself in the fullness of your power, take that power into your heart.
  • Add this page to oyur Book of Shadows. Look back upon these moments of power whenever you need to know of the golden essence that you are.


  • 🖨️ Scroll down to find printable moon journaling page!
  • Always practice Candle Safety!

Spell + Moon Journaling Pages 📄

Log in to download these pages or explore the free printable grimoire pages. This PDF version comes with a transparent background so you can print it on any kind of paper you want and add it to your own Book of Shadows.

Full Buck Moon Ritual

Full Moon Journal PDF

Follow this Full Moon Journaling page and add it to your Book of Shadows. Spend the Full Moon night coloring this page to honor the buck’s antlers, a natural symbol of the Summer season. ✨

Full Buck Moon Coloring Page

What type of Witch are You?

I wanted to share with everyone about my witchcraft path. There are many types of witches so I wanted to spend a few minutes letting everybody know what type of witch I am.

I combine different types of witches to become the type of witch I am. So…I am Angelic witch, Shamanic Witch, Weather Witch, Lunar Witch, Blood Witch, and Eclectic Witch.

Angelic Witch: I connect to the universal vibration replacing the traditional god and goddess used in rituals and spell casting with angels.

Shamanic Witch: I am a rescue medium so I do believe in good and bad spirits. I use healing as apart of my witchcraft.

Weather Witch: I use rainwater in my rituals and I pull on the energy of storms and lightning and I am devoted to all kinds of nature and elements.

Lunar Witch: I honor the moon and uses the moon phases to influence my spells and rituals.

Blood Witch: This just means I was taught by family the way of the Craft.

Eclectic Witch: This just means I follow my own path, no set of rules I follow and I pull from many of paths.

So, I hope that explains what type of witch I am….

What type of Witch are you?

Blessed Be,

High Priestess Raven

ritual for August 1st at 8 PM standard time

 Lammas is the first of the 3 harvest ritual, It represents the time of the grain harvest and the fattening of animals for fall butchering.  The Goddess plays the role of the of strength at this time of year, she continues to strengthen as the god’s strength starts decreasing as the day continue to shorten. Usually this time of year is a time of easy living, the crops are growing without much work, the fruit trees are starting to form their fall fruits, and baby animal continue to grow and slowly  no longer need mom as she fattens for the next offspring. Although the days are still hot and the humidity is still high, its time to think about what will need to be put away this fall to make it through the winter.  Grain is very important at this harvest as winter wheat is one of the first  crops that is harvested.  Also fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries are being harvested and stored and jams and jellies are being made and gardens are starting to produce and either canning is starting or will be very soon

For this ritual lets start by decorating our altars with items of the season.  May I suggest, grain and or bread.  Let also put on the alter and items from the garden that you may have ready, tomatoes, peppers, and maybe some pretty flowers that you have available.  Also please add a candle red, yellow or orange.  This can be used to represent the goddesses or you can just have it on the altar ass an add on.  Don’t forget to have something for each of the cardinal direction and either something that represents the god or something that represents the god that you are working with

Then you will need a way to cleanse the area such as sage or something of your choice to cleanse the altar.  A glass of ritual wine or cider is always a welcome addition to the altar also.  

Cast your circle

Now is the time to cast a circle for our protection and to strengthen the ritual.  We will walk 3 times in a clockwise direction.  We will start in the north with the first stop being east, I will stop and say element of air we welcome you to our circle, then south element of fire we welcome you to our circle, west element of water we welcome you to our circle, finally north earth we welcome you to our circle, as I go around the second time I will once again stop at the east and say watch tower of the east we welcome you to our circle and ask for your protection, stop at the east and say watch tower of the east we welcome you to our circle and ask for your protection, I will then stop at the south and say watch tower of the south we welcome you to our circle and ask for your protection, stop at the west and say watch tower of the west we welcome you to our circle and ask for your protection, and finally I will stop again at the north and say watch tower of the north we welcome you to our circle and ask for your protection  Once this is done I will make one more rotation saying  what is above is below, what is to the right is to the left, the circle is formed for our strength and protection may what we make here never be unbroken

Begin Your Ritual

Once the circle is cast I will say:  Borrowed from

Patti Wigington

The Wheel of the Year has turned once more,

and the harvest will soon be upon us.

We have food on our tables, and

the soil is fertile.

Nature’s bounty, the gift of the earth,

gives us reasons to be thankful.

Mother of the Harvest, with your sickle and basket,

bless me with abundance and plenty.

Hold the stalks of wheat before you, or the bread and think about what they symbolize: the power of the earth, the coming winter, the necessity of planning ahead. What do you need help planning right now? Are there sacrifices you should be making in the present that will be reaped in the future?

Rub the stalks between your fingers so a few grains of wheat fall upon the altar or a bit of the bread.  Then scatter them on the ground as a gift to the earth. If you’re inside, leave them on the altar for now–you can always take them outside later. Say:

The power of the Harvest is within me.

As the seed falls to the earth and is reborn each year,

I too grow as the seasons change.

As the grain takes root in the fertile soil,

I too will find my roots and develop.

As the smallest seed blooms into a mighty stalk,

I too will bloom where I landed.

As the wheat is harvested and saved for winter,

I too will set aside that which I can use later.

Tear off a piece of the bread. If you’re performing this ritual as a group, pass the loaf around the circle so that each person present can take off a small chunk of bread. As each person passes the bread, they should say:

I pass to you this gift of the first harvest.

When everyone has a piece of bread, say:

The bounty is here for all of us, and we are so blessed.

Everyone eats their bread together. If you have ritual wine, pass it around the circle for people to wash the bread down.

Wrapping Things Up

Once everyone has finished their bread, take a moment to meditate on the cycle of rebirth and how it applies to your own life–physically, emotionally, spiritually.

It is now time to dismiss the circle, once again I will start in the north and walk in a counter clock wise manner, the first time will be stopping at the the quarters to call in the watch towers, “to the watchtower of the west we thank you for being with us today you are free to leave if you wish,  to the watchtower of the south we thank you for being with us today you are free to leave if you wish, to the watchtower of the east we thank you for being with us today you are free to leave if you wish to the watchtower of the north  we thank you for being with us today you are free to leave if you wish  The second time around I will once again stop at each of the cardinal direction and say the element of water thank you for being with us today and you may leave if you wish  the element of fire thank you for being with us today and you may leave if you wish the element of air thank you for being with us today and you may leave if you wish the element of earth thank you for being with us today and you may leave if you wish.  I will then walk around the circle one last time saying the circle is now open but remains unbroken, may the good work that we do here continue in the future and may we all go and do no harm.  I will then stop at the north point and take any extra energy and release it into the earth to help mother Gaia heal.

healing spell by Pamala J Ball

White Magick Healing Spell

This spell is by the author Pamela J. Ball. This spell is quite powerful and is very well-known. This version contains modifications that have worked well for me. I hope this spell will inspire you to create your own version. Leave your spell changes in the comment section below or join us on the Witchcraft Forum. Thank you for continuing to support Just Wicca.

This spell uses knot magick. Knot magick is good for getting rid of illnesses; this spell is one that will help to do this. Knots work to bind things and this spell works on the principle of binding the illness into the cord, so is a form of sympathetic magick combined with positive mental attitude. This is a white magick healing spell.


  • 20 cm (8 inch) length of cord
  • Pen and paper
  • Container of salt
  • 1 white candle


?Do a minor purification ritual before starting.

? Mark the cord six times so that you have seven equal lengths.

? Light your white candle.

? Take a few deep breaths and feel your energy connecting with the earth.

? Repeat the following words six times and tie a knot in the cord each time:

Sickness, no one bids you stay.

It’s time for you to fade away.

Through these knots I bid you leave,

By these words which I do weave.

? Put the cord in the container of salt (this represents burying in the earth).

? Create a seal for the container with the above incantation written on the paper.

? Dispose of the container, perhaps in running water.

? Let your candle burn down.

The number six has particular relevance here: it is widely accepted as the number of the Sun, which is

restorative and regenerative. I have also added other elements of the Sun by doing this spell on Sunday and making sure to add yellow tools to my altar. You can add other elements like incense, other candles and lemon herb.