Witch Quickie Wednesday Magickal Chamomile in My Witchy Garden by Lady Silver Sage

Merry Meet to all!
I’ll be picking fresh Chamomile in my witchy garden and then showing you how to use it for both magickal and health purposes. Be sure to have your Book of Shadows (or Book of Light), ready because you might wish to take a few notes.
(Please consult your physician before using herbs if you’re pregnant, nursing, or have any type of illness and or allergies).

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Enchanted Circle of Witches

Get ready for some amazing things coming to our website. If your interested in joining the coven please contact me. We are offering classes in Novice, Adept and we will make this a group you will not forget. I have some amazing people joining me

My elder board consists of the following:

Myself: Raven (Melinda) High Priestess of the Coven and owner

Jenn: High Priestess

Kayla: Practicing

Babi: Practicing

Please contact me at the following email with any questions: enchantedcircleofwitches@gmail.com

To join is $13 a year

Enchanted Blessings,


Welcome to Enchanted Circle of Witches

Welcome everyone to our enchanted site. Things will be different for this coven. I will be accepting new members and there is a $13 yearly fee to maintain the site.

Please contact me if you are interested in joining. This is a place of love and light and only love and light.

My paypal is melindaenchantedvisions@gmail.com. Until I can figure out how to put up the link on website.

Enchanted blessings,

High Priestess Raven. (Melinda)

Witch Quickie Wednesday My Magickal Energy & Weight-loss Blend by Lady Silver Sage of witchcraftandmore.com

Merry Meet!
Yes, I almost overdosed on Palo Santo today… LOL!! ( Btw Palo Santo is not endangered in EVERY country).
Anyhow, I’ve conjured a mysteriously mighty magickal tea blend because Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto are in retrograde, and as of the 20th of this month,
Jupiter and Neptune will join this mischievous crew and many people have been talking about how they’re feeling drained…low on energy…lethargic and also want to lose a few pounds. Well, it’s high time to do something about that!

I hope you enjoy the video,
Lady Silver Sage of
witchcraftandmore.com &
The Academy of International Witch-Crafting©

Changes on the Way

Changes Coming

Hi everyone this is Raven Spirit Walker and I am posting today to inform everyone that there are going to be some changes coming to this website. Lady Beltane is retiring from the website and I will be taking over as High Priestess. Also, the name will change from Coven Life to Enchanted Circle of Witches.

It has been an honor working with Lady B and I love her dearly. It has come time for her to move on in her life and I have gained so much knowledge from her. She is an amazing witch!

I would like to say if you are posting you can continue if you would like but please contact me and let me know at the following email address: enchantedcircleofwitches@gmail.com

I will be doing things a little different for this coven so just hang tight with me as it may take me a little bit to get all this arranged.

Stay tuned for updates.

May blessings Lady B and we love you!


Witch Quickie Wednesday – Self Love “Elixer” Step By Step

Perhaps it’s time that you stop being so hard on yourself….
We all go through times when the love of self could use a boost and that’s what we’re doing here today. Nope, not wearing any makeup today…except for a bit of lippy (which clung to my tooth….argh!!)
I’ll be showing you how to make a Self Love Elixer that is drinkable (if you’re not pregnant, nursing, or allergic to Peppermint, Lemon Melissa, or Oregano). It’s also good for use in a Self Love Bath!

Blessed Be,
Lady Silver Sage of witchcraftandmore.com &                                                                  https://witchcraftandmore.com/join-the-academy-of-international-witch-crafting/

Witch Quickie Wednesday – Magickal Uses of Oregano + Health Benefits!

Merry Meet!
It’s all about the magickal OREGANO today! Welcome to Witch Quickie Wednesday; I’m happy that you’re here. You might want to get your Book of Shadows out plus something to write with because I’ve got a lot of information for you.

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Love, Light, Understanding, & Peace to all!
Lady Silver Sage
of witchcraftandmore.com &
The Academy Of International Witch-Crafting©

Angel Messages + 4 Goddess Oracle Cards for the week of 1 June 2021

Welcome to your Angel Card Reading. 4 Goddess Cards jumped out! 4!
Now, that means something important, so be sure to watch.

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Blessed Week to all,
Lady Silver Sage of
witchcraftandmore.com &
Head Mistress of
The Academy of International Witch-Crafting©