Angel Messages & Advice for the week of 27 April 2020 by the Silver Sage

Greetings Arising Soul Family! This week will be quite interesting.

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I wish you all understanding, balance, and peace,

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P.S. Please be good to yourself and others…

There is no Time Like the Present- 6

Written for Coven Life

By priestess Hypatia



  1. Flow-

Today we will be remembering the word that allows all energy to exist, as without this there is nothing, literally……….

I have been excited even thinking about writing what this word means to me at this time. To me the flow exists beyond time, in the dark and light of the universe, in different dimensions, in alternate universes, it is the ingredient that brings to life from the smallest of atoms to the largest of black holes.

Now some call this universal energy, cosmic flow, others call it God, Goddess, prana, some call it time, spirit, life and some name it the Big Bang. Call it whatever it is you want, it is the one thing that gives meaning and existence to all that is. The flow exists as the ‘rhythmic pulse’ one that creates the magick that we can see, feel and experience. It goes beyond this earth, into the universe and much further out. It then comes back into our being, it is in every aspect of our surroundings, it is in the stars, the moon, the sun and the planets, it is in every plant, animal, animate and inanimate object, it is in our very body occupying every single cell.

The Flow gives us power to bring to life whatever we need. It is present in our autonomic nervous system that regulates certain body processes from breathing to blood pressure and creates a pulse therefore creating life. The earth has Her own flow, it is in the ebbs and flows of her oceans, the tides, day and night, the seasons, the elements and so forth.

This little series of trigger or remembering words has been created during this time to assist myself and hopefully engage others in assisting themselves in going through this tough period. Life has not been easy for many, and the stress of all that is happening around us is impacting our body, mind and soul. So for today I’m just going to remind you to be present in the flow and remember to BREATH.


Our breath is one, if not, the most import aspects of a human being. It not only generates our flow for actual life but it allows us to get into the flow of everything around us. Ever feel ‘out of rhythm ‘. It’s because your ‘not in the flow’.

In some schools of thought it is called the ‘Spiritual Cosmic Breath’. It is the very essence that begins our ‘earth walk’ from the first breath we take, and it is the very last breath we take that stops this existence here on this earth. When we surrender to the rhythm of the Great Cosmic Flow we release the need for ‘Control’ .

So for now just allow the flow through your breath and allow it to breath you. Verse yourself in breathing exercises that work for you. Engage in meditative practices that will allow you to get back into the flow. This is a reminder for you to BREATH. Learn to flow with your breath and understand that it is the very rhythm that everything and I mean everything that was created and will continue to be created. Flow from life to death and back to life again. Our breath here on earth is guided by respiration of every single cell in our body. We breathe the air here on earth, in and out, from the very first breath we take until the very last. However our origins of life was not here on earth but was given to us by the cosmic flow. It was the very rhythm that was created in the womb of our mother, the energy of our parents sacred union and finally the birth, all because of the miracle of the cosmic flow. On our last breath here on earth, our prana, our spirit whatever it is you like to call it, goes back into that cosmic flow, the ‘Spiritual Cosmic Breath’ that created us, this gets recycled into the cosmic energy pool to create more energy, more life and more flow. When you look at it this way, you can understand why the ancients thought that we are all related, connected, from the blade of grass, to the stars, to all the animals, plants, planets and so forth, as we are ALL from this one source.

Empedocles- 494-443B.C

TO the elements it came from

Everything will return.

Our bodies to earth,

Our blood to water,

Heat to fire,

Breath to air.

They were well born, they will be well entomb’d!

But mind?…

To continue reading…


I move with the energy of the ‘Cosmic Breath’ and allow the breath to breath me. ‘I am that I am’.

A perfectly rainy day

Study session by Dawn
Today is the most perfect day and the gods include days like today to give us time to relax, recoup, talk, tell stories, maintain and strengthen family bonds.
Yes it is raining but not hard, the ground is soaking up the moisture like a sponge to take care of all the vegetation coming to life as the god gets stronger every day. We need days like this so we will be able to produce everything we need to get through the cold winter that is 6 months away.
The temperature is very tolerable as long as you are wearing a sweat shirt or light jacket, so if you really need to you can get out side and work or walk or whatever else you need to do
But here is a suggestion, especially with the virus thing going on, get the family together and cook a meal, something warm and hearty, a soup/stew would be an excellent idea. have the kids help show them how to mix the ingredients, cut the vegetables, cut up the meat. Make them part of the process, help them learn what it means to fix a meal, set the table do the dishes.
Then when that’s done get out a card game or a puzzle something that everyone can enjoy and participate in, and instead of looking at this day as a rainy cool inconvenience look at this day as a chance to family. tell stories about the family so the children can learn about their ancestors, tell jokes laugh and have fun. Families dont have good fun together today as much as they had in the past. The kids are going to remember days like this a lot more than days in which you HAVE to go out and work in the rain or HAVE to go to the grocery or HAVE to ……
And later in the afternoon as everyone is winding down, take a nap, turn on an old movie and just relax. The gods knew that the people needed to rest from time to time, and made days like this so that we would have to rest and may I dare say it FAMILY.
I hope you all as my family have a most perfect day today

Monday Card Reading

Today I picked from my Archangel Animal Deck by Diana Cooper. To me animals, are very important in our lives. The card pulled was “The Owl”

Owls are teachers so what is the message for us today…So this is just a reminder to watch the words that you speak to others. You could have a positive affect on the person or a negative one. Therefore, listen to your words as you speak. This could help somebody that is having a bad day. As you speak your vibration is raised so imagine how we can help others if we are speaking positive.

Many Blessings!

5 card Angel Messages & Advice + Tarot Advice for the week of 20 April 2020

Money & success coming! Whoop! Whoop! You might wanna check this one out!!
Greetings and welcome to your 5 card Angel Advice & Messages + Tarot for the week!
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I wish you all much positivity, excellent health, and balance!
The Silver Sage
the Silver Sage of

There is no Time Like the Present- 5

Written for Coven Life

By Priestess Hypatia



Now in the previous series of  ‘There is no Time Like the Present’  I mentioned how we need to Nurture the most important person in our lives and that is ourselves. In such times make sure that you save some of your energy to nurture your gifts, your love for the Divine, your loved ones that matter the most in your life and of course nurture a better version of you.

Today I will be briefly remembering the word that empowers us to move forward. It enlightens our inquisitive mind, it makes us a better version of ourselves and it allows self reflection in times of solitude.

  1. Seek-

When I think back of the times that I have taken self-exploration, seeking, journeying, going on a quest, call it what you may, it has been in a space where I have fallen in ‘Isolation’.

Well what better time than now! Take a negative and turn it into a positive. Turn this period into an educational one.

It is at this time that you are being called to Seek. During this period of social distancing it can get very lonely. As a result our usual busy mind that is pre-occupied with life is now pre-occupied with the ‘self’.

It’s time to take a journey within, explore your internal landscape and seek the guidance that you need in order to get you through this period in your life. Introspection that is triggered especially in periods of solitude can reveal so much understanding of the self. This is one of the main reasons religious and spiritual paths are practiced and encouraged in ‘Isolation’. Some dwell in caves, others to monasteries, others in the middle of the woods and dessert, anywhere where solitude and self-reflection and reflection of the universal energy can be found. The answers you seek are all within, nothing rings more true than as above so below as within so without.

A physical retreat assists in rejuvenating the mind, body and soul. Now that we are all in forced isolation many are facing challenging times by forcing themselves to face themselves, and if that is not the case often the people that we are forced to isolate with are making us face these challenges.

Take a walk in nature, talk with Her, listen to what the birds have to say, listen to the conversion that the trees make with the wind. Learn to meditate on yourself reflective practices, speak to the Divine as much as possible, now is the time to ask these ever pressing questions, ‘Seek and you shall find’.

When you seek don’t just look for something specific. Learn to be open to seeking information with whatever message it is that you need to receive for that period in time. As a result be open with your questions don’t use specific time lines, people, places or even situations. For instance- How can I better understand my true calling that can assist myself and others during difficult time?


I value this time of solitude and introspection that will shine the light on my path. I am the light, I am the shadow, I am.

Wheel of the Year

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