Witches Are Real And Here’s What They Look Like

Photographer Katarzyna Majakdiscovered a whole new side of Poland when she set out to explore her own spirituality.

It turns out there are lots of modern-day witches, who practice a collection of non-traditional religious and spiritual practices including spiritual healing, shamanism, Wicca, Druidism, and other revivals of Pagan traditions. (Witches are found in the U.S. too, with an estimated 1.2 million people following Pagan beliefs.)

Majak shared a few of these “women of power” with us. Check out more of her work at the Porter Contemporary Gallery.

Over 90% of Poland is Catholic. Because of the country’s conservative values, many women pursue witchcraft and other pagan traditions as an outlet for an alternative spirituality.

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3 thoughts on “Witches Are Real And Here’s What They Look Like

  1. The churches in these countries have quite a powerful and influential position in their community.
    These women would normally live on the fringes of society and are still sought after by many people, much to the churches disaprival.
    Yes they do look very stoic. I’m sure each and every one has developed their skills because of less than fortunate circumstances in their life. The wounded worrier is very much alive in these womens faces. Women throughout history have endured and continue to endure, through wars, famine and disease, they have learned survival, they have learnt to heal their and others wounds through, herbs, food, ceremony, ritual and of course love.
    Such gifts of healing the community have been handed down to them from their predecessors. There are no schools in these areas for learning such an art.


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