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Current Moon Phases

The Cosmic Cookie Trail once again led me this really neat site that shows the current moon phases and has additional information about the Moon.  I found it to be very informative.  You can read the post at the following link:

May the Cosmic Cookie Trail lead you on your own journey of discovery!

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The WITCH HUNTS (A.D. 1400-1800) Main Contents Page

From the fifteenth to the eighteenth the centuries, many Europeans developed a heightened concern with the phenomenon of witchcraft, seeing a new sect hostile to humanity.  Thus, governments and society organized “hunts” for these alleged witches:  accusing, torturing, and executing thousands of people.  The intensity and viciousness of these hunts varied from place to place, as did their focus on particular targets, such as women.   Finally, a changed world-view, informed by the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment, brought an end to these hunts for threats that did not empirically exist.

Ten Theories about the Causes of the Witch Hunts
ideas by historians about the origins of  the Witch Hunts

Ten Common Errors and Myths about the Witch Hunts:
corrections to mistaken ideas people frequently have about the Witch Hunts

chronology of key events, sources and people involved in the witch hunts

Annotated Bibliography:
brief evaluations of some books examining the Witch Hunts

a review of torture in the witch hunts and today.

Annotated Links:
brief evaluations of other websites which provide information about the Witch Hunts;  referenced by Intute: Social Sciences.

These pages, as part of Prof. Pavlac’s Women’s History Resource Site, hope to contribute to a better understanding of this dreadful historical chapter of Western Civilization.  These pages have been developed out of the following courses:

HIST 444 The Witch Hunts: 1400-1800 HIST 373 Women in Western Civilization
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What Were the Burning Times?

Facts and Fiction About the European Witch Hunts

We’ve all seen the bumper stickers and the t-shirts: Never Again the Burning Times! It’s a rally cry for many born-again Pagans and Wiccans, and indicates a need to reclaim what’s ours – our rights to worship and celebrate as we choose. The phrase Burning Times is often used in modern Paganism and Wicca to indicate the era from the Dark Ages to around the nineteenth century, when charges of heresy were enough to get a witch burned at the stake.

Some have claimed that as many as nine million people were killed in the name of “witch hunts.” However, there’s a lot of discussion within the Pagan world about the accuracy of that number, and some scholars have estimated it significantly lower, possibly as few as 200,000. That’s still a pretty big number, but a lot less than some of the other claims that have been made.

For the past thirty years or so, scholars – as well as many members of the Pagan and Wiccan communities — have debated the validity of the astronomical numbers of victims cited during the Burning Times. The problem with the early estimates of numbers is that, much like in war, the victor writes the history. In other words, the only documentation we have about the European witch hunts was written by the people who actually conducted those same witch hunts!

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manifestation crystal


Every now and then you stumble on to something that has you in awe. Natures gifts are truly amazing and nothing more so than the beautiful crystalline matrixes it creates and adorns itself.

This crystal is called a manifestation crystal. Rare and beautiful it truly is one of the miracles of nature. It’s a smaller crystal totally enclosed in a larger one. It allows you to seek your deepest desires, and it’s not called the manifestation crystal for nothing. Seek and you shall find. Ask and you shall receive. Working with the purest of light from the heart space this crystal also accesses the inner child.

A shamanic crystal, it is used to access the deepest spaces of the mind and the heart. It allows you to move through the toughest times in your life by desiring what you really need not what you want. This crystal came to me at the toughest time in my life and I thank every moment I have with it. It helped me to realise that manifestation is based on our needs, because what we really need is the cure. Desire is just a temporary fix it, just like taking pain killers to get rid of a head ache and not taking any steps to get rid of what caused the head ache.

Take the time and speak to your crystals, they will show you the love within your heart space because it is the same energy that vibrates in the crystalline structure. I recently listened to a Native American Indian speak and he mentioned that at the end of every prayer they thank all their relatives, the trees, the birds, people, the mountains. He mentioned that the same minerals, the same energy the same chemistry that has made all of these are one and the same as us humans. How true is that? This is why they call minerals crystal people, yes they to have a relation to us. Silica, mica, calcium, fluorite etc. and the list goes on, all that make us humans. In Australia our Native Aborigines call it two Laws. This describes the connection that everything has on this earth and beyond. The same energy that created the universe, the same energy that created the earth and of course us.

So, this is why that everything from a crystal, a rock, a tree to a fly and an ant, to the Great Mother it is all equal, they are all her children. No one is more superior then the next. We are all one and the same. How many times have we heard that, but do we realise that it also includes what we think of inanimate objects to also be living? Everything vibrates to a certain frequency, it is the law of the universe, one that cannot be disputed. It’s an energy that Einstein described in his theory of relativity. Our truest and purest thoughts come from this energy, but also our most destructive and malicious. It’s in the thought process of manifestation. The very thought that manifests our desires.Learning to use that energy by manifesting what is needed rather than what is wanted is a little difficult for the average human ego to swallow, but as I mentioned it’s the cure you want not the temporary fix.

One finds solace in beautiful crystals, looking at the awesomeness of the Miracle of Mother Nature. But this beauty can equally be found in a leaf, a river, a branch, and another human beings eyes, even in a grain of sand and flower.


William Blake: A great author, philosopher and poet of the 18th century.

Part of the poem:

To see the Earth in a grain of Sand

And Heaven in A Flower

Hold Eternity in your hand

And Infinity in an hour.


I have been thinking about this poem, reading the way different people through time interpreted these very powerful words.

Clearly William Blake was no ordinary man, therefore we just can’t assume to begin to interpret his thought into the ordinary. He clearly was beyond his time, or for that matter beyond time even now. One of many before him and many to come these people are souls beyond this earth.

To see the earth in a grain of sand, how can something so small hold something so large? For every grain of sand there is stars in our universe. Our sky is the sandy beaches of the cosmos. For every microcosm holds a macrocosm not the other way around. Here I will quote one of Rumi’s beautiful poems, a Sufi from the 14th century.

This Great Love inside Me :Rumi

I am so small I can barely be seen. How can this great love be inside me?

Look at your eyes. They are small, but they see enormous things.

Trans./Compiled by Coleman Barks.  The Essential Rumi. Harper San Fransisco, 1997.

Is this what William Blake saw in the grain sand? An entire world that lies within, as what is within is without and what is without is within, just as what is above is below and what is below is above.  Manifestations lie within, when you look outwardly to manifest something you are living others dreams and desires. So when you do need a manifestation in your life, make sure it comes from your hearts space. This is the place of eternal love and light in infinite form that William Blake was speaking about. Now how beautiful is that!!

Many blessings




The 1662 Hartford Witch Trials

Mention witchcraft in America, and people immediately think of Salem. After all, the famous (or infamous, depending on how you look at it) trial of 1692 went down in history as a perfect storm of fear, religious fanaticism, and mass hysteria. What most people don’t realize, however, is that three decades before Salem, there was another witchcraft trial in nearby Connecticut, in which four people were executed.

In Salem, twenty people were put to death – nineteen by hanging, and one pressed with heavy stones – for the crime of witchcraft. It is, by far, one of the best-known legal debacles in American history, in part because of the sheer number of people involved. Hartford, on the other hand, was a much smaller trial and tends to get overlooked. However, it’s important to talk about Hartford, because it did set a bit of a legal precedent for witchcraft trials in the Colonies.

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