The Magick of Food

Written By

Priestess Hypatia


We spend numerous hours cleansing our spiritual space to create a flow of energy that will allow us effective results in our magickal life. We prune, water and tend to our gardens. We dust reorganize and designs our homes. We decorate our altar space, feeding this energetically in honor of the Gods or whatever is part of your belief system. One of the most important spiritual domains that we forget is our body. Yes your body too is a temple, a sacred altar, one that should be honored and respected just as equally. It is through this sacred vessel that ALL energy runs through and impacts our Magikcal world.

Cultures throughout time have practiced time honoring rituals in maintaining the body as a sacred space, we are the vessel that the Magick is radiating through. We create the space within ourselves for all Magick to generate and be transmuted. As a result our body (vessel) needs to be healthy and as pure as possible. When your body is healthy, your mind is also healthy. A healthy body and mind is a vessel for clean, clear and effective energy transmission and transmutation.

Today people all over the world continue to participate in special diets in their spiritual and religious practices allowing their body to become a perfect vessel to receive and deliver energy. Such spiritual practices have been scientifically proven to benefit the body greatly. For instance fasting is a long time honored spiritual practice among many cultures throughout the globe. It improves mental clarity, immunity, metabolism, promotes detoxification and longevity just to name a few.

Remember to:

Eat whole healthy foods, ones that are mainly plant based, high in good fats. Aim to nourish your body and soul. Become mindful of how and what you eat, aiming with every mouthful to improve your spiritual practice.

Below are some suggestions that could assist you in developing your spiritual practice to the next level.

Ensure you have:

Abundant omega 3 fats especially DHA and EPA, which come exclusively from animal foods such as fish, oysters, grass fed beef, free range eggs.

Sufficient saturated fat from coconuts, raw cacao, eggs, ghee, and grass fed butter and grass-fed animals.

Clean, pure, filtered, fresh water. 70-80% of our physical body is water.

Magnesium rich foods such as green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, raw cacao etc. Magnesium is an absolutely essential mineral for the nervous system.

Minimal stimulants such as caffeine.

Intermittent fasting and remaining in a state of “lightness”. Digestion comes at a huge energetic/metabolic cost. Eating a nutrient dense but calorie sparse diet allows this energy to be dispersed elsewhere in the body, such as the brain and nervous system.

At least 80% of the diet consisting of nutrient dense, mineral rich plant foods with emphasis on dark green leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, sprouts, seaweeds and fermented foods.

Eating foods in their whole and natural state.

Daily consumption of fermented/probiotic rich foods such as Sauerkraut, Kim Chi, Miso, Kombucha, Kefir etc. as well mushrooms, which are super nourishing for the nervous system. I can not recommend this enough!

Limiting pasteurized dairy products.

Avoidance of synthetic/man made “foods” such as additives, preservatives, artificial (ridiculously neuro toxic) sweeteners, margarine etc.

Avoidance of refined sugar and refined carbohydrates (white breads and pastas etc.) that are nothing more than pharmaceutical foods/empty calories.

Avoiding the over consumption of factory farmed animals and processed meats. These animals are slaughtered in fear and kept sick their entire lives by being fed foods that are unnatural to them and being injected with hormones and antibiotics (which end up in your body). Always aim for grass fed, organic animal products.

As a nutritionist and a spiritual practitioner, I cannot stress enough the importance of a ‘Healthy Diet’ one that is not just about the food that you place in your mouth, but the information you ingest with your brain. A healthy brain is produced through a healthy body, a healthy body is produced through healthy living practices, and remember the old cliché ‘You are what you eat’!

Angel/Tarot Advice for the week of 18 November 2019

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Luna Llena

When I began to explore Wicca, I wondered how Santeria, saint worship, would fit into what I was learning about the Craft. Seeking clarification for this dilemma, I consulted an online Wicca blog. I wanted discussion, instead I received admonition, and warning that traditions should not be mixed because the Gods and Goddesses would not like it. I listened and considered, but continued to seek feedback because I knew I was on the track of something powerful. Then I found a diagram in Higginbotham (2012), placing Santeria under the umbrella of paganism, which also included Wicca, Druidism, and eclectic traditions. I was delighted. Here was inclusion of different traditions and perhaps there was room for a looser more accepting interpretation of paganism! Reading Cunningham (1996), he seemed to imply one could blend traditions but the protocol for Wicca rituals needed to be respected. Things were now starting to fall into place. As I continued to read, study, explore and learn, my solitary practice evolved to intertwine the tradition of Santeria with those of the Craft.  

My experience with Santeria

Growing up in a NYC working class neighborhood of Catholics and mixed ethnicities I was surrounded by saint statues and candles in the homes of friends and neighbors, Puertoriqueños, Dominicanos, Cubanos, Italians, Irish. My friends were first and second generation Americans, the grandmothers and some of the parents still spoke their ethnic language and played their old- country music. It was an interesting way to grow up. At that time Catholicism was all I knew, seeing it practiced in various ways.

My parents, from Mexico were not outwardly religious. My paternal grandmother however, maintained what I interpreted as an ancestral altar, with offerings of flowers, candles, candy bars, glasses of water, sometimes food, given to the santos, saints, like Santa Clara, and to my grandmother’s deceased sister, Celia. Some of my mother’s Puertoriqueña and Cubana friends also kept elaborate altars that included fruit, sometimes cigars, shot glasses of rum, and statues of Catholic saints and African Orishas, deities. I was fascinated by these altars.  

Sometimes, during a walk through the more wooded areas of Central Park, I would see remnants of what appeared as ritual animal sacrifices and offerings. And, while I experienced simultaneous fear and attraction to what I was seeing, until I began to read about Santeria, I was not sure what I was observing.

The trappings of Santeria were not uncommon when I was growing up. There were a number of botanicas, herbal shops, in my neighborhood; an essential part of Santeria rituals is the use of herbs, roots, flowers and plants. Santos and Deities, both Catholic and African were displayed in the shop windows, along with collares/elekes, necklaces. The inside of some botanicas had a strong energy felt from the moment one stepped inside. One thing that always attracted me though, were the statues of African Deities, dressed for battle or emerging from the water with dolphins swimming about. My favorite, was la sirena, the mermaid, later I learned that she was Yemaya, Goddess of the oceans, and my special Goddess as I am a Pisces.

During my high school years, I traveled around the city, learning more about Santeria, the Orishas, the use of the elements in healing rituals, different types of magick, and the role of the Santero, the shaman, to whom I could go should I need a problem resolved.

Many years later in San Francisco, as I browsed in a bookshop, I came across a book on Santeria, written in Spanish by Migene Gonzalez-Wippler (1973). It was meant to be on that shelf for me, and for years I would read it many times, practicing what I had learned.  I had become a solo Santeria adherent with no formal training. Just Migene’s book and continued research. My altar grew with Catholic saints and African Gods. Little did I know that I was now on the pagan path.

So what is Santeria?

The Orishas venerated in Santeria are of West African and Congo basin origin, specifically from the Yoruba culture of southwestern Nigeria. Yoruba speaking slaves were brought to the isles of the Caribbean in the 16th century by the Spanish to work the plantations. Slaves were forced to convert to Christianity and their beliefs in Yoruba Deities were forbidden by the Spanish. But as conquered people will do to ensure cultural survival, the slaves superimposed the Catholic Saints on their Yoruba Deities, and in this way continued to honor for example, Shango under the guise of Santa Barbara, Saint Barbara.

Santeria, is an Afro-Caribbean religious cult, a blend of African religion and Christianity, a tradition handed down verbally from generation to generation. Santeria developed through  descendants of Yoruba African slaves, and today the cult has adherents throughout the Americans, in particular the Caribbean. One could say that because of the number of slaves brought to Cuba, a former colony of Spain, and the high numbers of Afro-Cubans on the island, Santeria is more prevalent than Catholicism, remaining the primary religion of mestizos –  products of intermarriage between the colonizers, Africans, and the indigenous who remained on the island — and black working class Cubans (Clark, 2007).   Santeria is also very much alive in areas in the U.S. with large populations of Puertoriqueños and Cubanos, in for example, New York City, and Miami.

Santeria is part of the pagan world, and anyone observing or practicing Santeria rituals can see the overlap with other pagan traditions — honoring of pre-Christian Deities, the use of the elements in its rituals, and solitary practice with each person discovering  his or her personal Orisha.  So, my persistence paid off, I have added Orishas to the pantheon of Saints, Gods and Goddesses that are very much part of my daily life, worship, and protection. I am also fortunate in being part of a Coven that accepts diversity, without admonishment.


Clark, M.A. (2007). Santeria: Correcting the myths and uncovering the realities of a growing religion. Westport, CT: Praeger.

Cunningham, S. (1996). Wicca: A guide for the solitary practitioner. St. Paul, MN: Llewellyn.

Gonzalez-Wippler, M. (1973). Santeria: Magia Africana en Latinoamerica. Bronx, NY: Original Publications

Higginbotham, J. & R. (2012). Paganism: An introduction to earth centered religions.  Woodbury, MN: Llewellyn.

Luna Llena is a writer and eclectic solitary practitioner residing in New Mexico.

Between Two Worlds: Gender Dysphoria, Death and Samhain

You might be asking yourself: what do gender dysphoria, death and Samhain have in common? For a lot of my readers, nothing. But for those of us who are transgender it can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. Especially at this time of year when we observe Samhain in the pagan community.

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Between Two Worlds: Gender Dysphoria, Death and Samhain

The Cosmic Witch Part 5

Written by Hypatia

For Coven Life




It has been a little while since I have written an article.

I have been on what you could call a spiritual vocation. One that led me far away from my home land and on to the land of my ancestors. However this is a story to be told for another time.

The series of articles started before I left will be continued until I finish with all the 7 sacred planets. I believe it is important to understand how we are connected to the ‘Great Web of Life’, something that has been told in many cultures throughout the globe for millennia.

I have included below the links to the previous articles that one needs to read in order to understand the meaning of this series.

The Cosmic Witch Part 1

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The Cosmic Witch Part 3

The Cosmic Witch Part 4

Continuing from the previous post of aligning with Universal Powers for effective magickal practices…….

In this post I will be discussing the 3rd of the Sacred Seven that I have been mentioning in the previous posts. Here I will be talking about the beautiful and eloquent Venus.

Throughout the evolution of humanity, the planet Venus has been personified as an anthropomorphic figure of a beautiful and divine virgin of the feminine, one that represents love, sex, fertility and beauty. In fact the planet takes its name from the Great Roman Goddess Venue and her Greek counterpart Aphrodite.


The Cypriot origins of this great Goddess are from the sea in Paphos on the Island of Cyprus some 3200BC. One of the many other names that was given to her by the Greeks was ‘Anadiomeni’, meaning ‘the one who emerges’.

The Goddess exudes her great power not only over human beings but also plants and animals, maintaining and sustaining all of life here on earth. At times she is also mentioned as the Great Goddess of Light, as the Light barer as the Lucifer that actually means ‘the one who carries the light’. She is the shining one that lights up the night sky, the one that pacifies all human emotions, calms the seas and animals.

The Sumerian origins have her as the Moons daughter and the Suns sister and was the link between the deities of light and dark.

In the Orphic traditions she was a cosmogenic Goddess that gave rise to form Either to create out of the Earths substance. Aphrodite was the mistress of thought-forms, who governs the human etheric and astral body.

Hymns of Orpheus to Aphrodite

The beautiful Hymn below can be used in ritual for the Goddess Herself. Ensure that you have your planetary alignments in check. It is best done on the day and hour of Venus. I have included a table of planetary hours below for both sunset and sunrise.
Child of Ocean
amazing beauty, we honor you.
You rule deep earth,
encircling heaven,
the stormy seas
and everything in them.
Mother of sweet marriage,
you join the world together
with laughter and harmony;
even the Fates obey you.
Every eye seeks you.
Give us beauty and love.
Delighted by secrets
and lavish feasts
you are concord
and persuasion.
You are beautiful necessity
even in the frenzy of the shark,
delicate as sea foam of Cyprus,
fragrant as Syrian oils,
bright as golden chariots
on Egyptian plains
by the sandy bank
of the turquoise Nile,
a choir of the loveliest Nymphs
sings a hymn to your beauty.
With reverence we ask
for the gift of grace 

(Translated by Thomas Taylor)

According to Plato, love is attributed to Aphrodite, prophecy to Apollo, the mysteries to Dionysus and poetry to the Muses. Plato tells us that the most important of these divine gifts is Divine love for two reasons. Firstly, without pure love’s impulse, the other gifts prophecy, mysteries and poetry remain uncreative, inactive, and sterile. They need the vibrant, pulsating impulse of Divine love so as to be constantly nourished and sustained. Secondly, because only the essence of love can carry the lover into the beloved, and as long as that love is directed to the sublime, it unites the mind of a seeker more closely.


Planetary Hours

Sunrise Sunday Monday Tuesday Wenesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1st Hour Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn
2nd Hour Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter
3rd Hour Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars
4th Hour Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun
5th Hour Saturn Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus
6th Hour Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars Mercury
7th Hour Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun Moon
8th Hour Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn
9th Hour Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter
10th Hour Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars
11th Hour Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun
12th Hour Saturn Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus


Sunset Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1st Hour Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars Mercury
2nd Hour Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun Moon
3rd Hour Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn
4th Hour Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter
5th Hour Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars
6th Hour Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun
7th Hour Saturn Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus
8th Hour Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars Mercury
9th Hour Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun Moon
10th Hour Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn
11th Hour Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter
12th Hour Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars

*Sunrise and sunset tables are given in Llewellyn’s Daily Planetary Guide.

Venus Correspondences

When engaging in ritual that includes the Great Goddess it is important like everything to be in alignment with the universal energy. This I have mentioned numerous time through not only in this series, but also in other articles I have posted. Below I have a list of Correspondences that you may choose to coordinate with your magickal work to align the energies in order to make your practice more effective and of course more responsible.

Elements– Earth and Water

Colours– strong Blues, deep Orange, Yellow, Green, Indigo, Rose

Gemstones- Emerald, Opal, Rose Quartz

Metal– Copper

Day– Monday

Herbs– have a strong associations with the planet Venus, Apple, Balm of Gilead, Bergamot, Catnip, Damiana, Dragons Blood, Geranium, Hibiscus, Magnolia, Mugwort, Plumeria, Rose, Rose Geranium, Strawberry, Vanilla, Vervain, Violet.

In magical workings and rituals– the ruling aspects of the planet Venus are the arts, attraction, beauty, female sexuality, friendship, harmony, love, luxury, music, pleasure, scent, sensuality, social affairs. In its negative aspects, Venus represents coldness, isolation and lechery.

For further reading on Venus for a better understanding:


The Venus Pentagram

Interestingly the planet Venus has a magical path around the sun that is connected to the pentagram. Take a look how how BEAUTIFUL the dance of Venus around the Sun is, paving a path that represents the sacred flower of life and the pentagram that is connected to the 5 elements!




Angel/Tarot advice for your week

Angel/Tarot advice for the week of 11.11.2019

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covens vs guilds

Lady B wanted me to spend some time musing about my early path on coven life.  I tried to tell her its all early as I have only been on the path for 2 years, lol. Like usual though she didnt listen and in her own way she said “get to writing lady, before i make this one of your required lessons,” lol

Right now i belong to 2 pagan organization one is the coven with lady B and the other is a Guild which is based in Lafayette Indiana.  I actually joined the coven first and then about 2 months later joined the guild.  The coven is where i get my learning and the wiccan path is my chosen path.  The coven is stricter with how rituals are done and is more systematic with the calling of quarters and watch towers and the inviting of deity’s into the circle.  I have also been to a face to face coven and they are even more strict but thats for another post.  The coven also does classes in a more organized manner with everything written out and the lessons that build on one another.

So if the coven is my chosen path why u might ask did i decide to join a guild also,  It was for the face to face conversation and worshiping.  It was for the interaction with members and helping the members through life troubles, helping to lead and education pagans on the wiccan path.  The guild is made up of all types of pagans, and most are walking their path solo or maybe with just one or two other people.  The rituals are very general bc of this, ie we dont have enough say wiccans to celebrate only with a wiccan ritual so we will generalize the ritual taking bits from many different paths.  This is the same with the lessons, in the guild.  These lessons are called study sessions, and they can be about almost anything pagan and its what the priestess thinks you are in need of at this time.  It can be your path or it can be someone elses path.  The guild makes sure you are well rounded in many paths so you can help the other members who are struggling.

So in conclusion I feel a witch needs to be well rounded and know not only the path that they are on but also bits of other paths bc somewhere down the road it may become important not only to you but to a friend or neighbor.  Also face to face worship is important and the talking and discussing different thoughts and ideas over a cup of coffee can be very enlightening.  I also think a witch should find her basis and know as much as possible about it so she has a strong foundation to work off of as she not only helps others but also follows her path.  Any questions please ask


Dawn of the Day

The Pale Horse

The Pale Horse


Death came by that day

He arrived like a gentle spring rain

The grass was greening

and the dew was still remaining


Death came by that day

With a certain calmness

With the face of a child

Who’s smile was flawless


Death came by that day

With the comfort for many

Knowing that she will be sleeping

In the land of plenty


Death came by that day

To comfort and offer solace for the pain

That the friends and family had in their souls

And the time chosen was most humane


Death came by that day

After the goodbyes had be said

The memories had been relived

and nothing had been left unsaid


death came by that day

and put on the period

to a life that had been taken

but with certain weariness


death came by that day

to claim another

this one from cancer

but it could have been others


death came by today

how many times has he been here before

how many more will he take

how many more will he call for


death came by today

to claim someone of wonder

to some she was a just the lunch lady

to others she was their mother


death came by today

we can not escape

he does not take a holiday

for anybodys sake


death came by today

he rode a pale horse

to claim another life

before their time had run its course


Jennifer Dawn Marshall