A Simple Chalice and Offering Plate

During rituals is it common to have a drink and something to eat that you share with the God and/or Goddess you call upon to help you give more strength to your spell and/or ritual.

A “chalice” does not have to be an expensive or even inexpensive vessel like looks similar to or is a wine glass. The offering bowl or plate does not have to be a certain size or shape or even have a particular design on it. Here again, we come to the part of me telling you a simple and pretty inexpensive way of having both items.

There are tea/coffee mugs sold that come with a lid to help keep your beverage hot and/or to set your used tea bag on. I have one with a Chinese design that I use often when I am using the smaller space I have for an altar in my den. You can use the cup as your chalice and the lid as the offering plate. I found mine in a thrift store and paid I think $3.00 or $4,00 USD for the set. Look around at garage or yard sales, thrift stores for a set or they carry them also on Amazon.com for a reasonable price.

You can also go to your cabinet in your kitchen and find a glass or cup no one uses often and bless that to be your chalice. As for the offering plate or bowl again look through your cabinets for something you feel you could use for this.

No one says gathering your magickal tools needs to be an expensive investment. Look around for items you already own or find cheaply at a sale and/or thrift store and/or dollar store. Remeber to thoroughly cleanse and consecrate them for use as one of your magical tools before using them in a ritual.