Well today has been totally shot to Hades…..

Witches Of The Craft®

I am hot, tired and most of all aggravated! First of all, I have had enough problems today with all the electrical issues at my cabin. Now I want the bickering to stop about the psychic vampire deal and I mean now! It is over, it is done with. I explained why I asked and I did not expect all the comments that were received on this matter. We have established I am not a psychic vampire. So there it is official I am not a psychic vampire. It was a screw up, so let it go. Eleanor, I am having a long talk with you when I get off the computer today.

Now since this day has been a total screw, let’s pretend Monday is tomorrow. How does that work? I have played with the air conditioning man and also the electrical contractor. Everything is now fix and I…

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