Wishing You & Yours A Very Blessed & Beautiful Wednesday Morn’!

Witches Of The Craft®


The Priestess Lives On

They say that the role of the priestess in modern
society has been buried
Like a crumbling temple left to decay under sand
Regarded unimportant by the men who determine
What society should
and hold dear
They don’t know that the priestess lives on.
How many times have you assured a friend that
they are good enough?
And in how many ways have you given someone
space to fall?
Have you ever given someone time to show you
who they truly are?
Even when they were not sure themselves?
And so the priestess lives on
Can you remember a time when you witnessed
a person kick away their tight bud?
Burst into blossom?
Embrace the sky?
And so the priestess lives on
And when was the last time you kissed someone
Leaving the wet of your lips on their cheeks,
like holy water…

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