A Pagan Solstice Carol

Tired of hearing the 12 Days of Crirstmas? I know I’ve heard it one to many times. So I figured Theresa to bea.pagan alternative so I went searching for it and to my joyful surprised that there is more than one version. I’m postings to my favorite and following that will be the link of the search I did on YouTube. Copy link and them paste links into your browser.

13 Days of Solstice  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1T85Fm2uYLE

Other versions  https://m.youtube.com/results?search_query=Pagan+13+days+of.yulr

There are many other Pagan Yule/Solstit Carols to newfound on YouTube. Just put “Pagan” and the regular name of the Carol you like. Happy searching!?

The Witches’ Pyramid

The Witches’ Pyramid is a magickal philosophy that predates Modern Witchcraft and was first articulated by the French occultist and magician Eliphas Levi (1810–1875) in his two-volume Transcendental Magic: Its Doctrine and Ritual, released in 1854 and 1856. In Transcendental Magic Levi writes:

The Sphinx, drawing from 1886 by Frank S DeHas.

“To attain the SANCTUM REGNUM, in other words, the knowledge and power of the Magi, there are four indispensable conditions an intelligence illuminated by study, an intrepidity which nothing can check, a will which cannot be broken, and a prudence which nothing can corrupt and nothing intoxicate. TO KNOW, TO DARE, TO WILL, TO WILL, TO KEEP SILENCE such are the four words of the Magus, inscribed upon the four symbolical forms of the sphinx.” (1)


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