Mastery of the Elements & Praktical exercises

Following exercises are not meant for the beginners. It is because they work as an amplifier. Untrained person can amplify negative things and cause damage instead of improvement! You need to estimate things properly, train proper things and also to focus thoughts on positive results. Previous meditation training is to great advantage.
Every magician needs to awaken all five elements and to work with them. Magician also needs to have in balance inner energy system: channels and chakras. For this purpose, practicing vocal exercises is essential, because they support with their frequency desired element. Fire: A, Water: E, Air: I, Earth: U, Spirit-Ether: O.

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What is a Spirit Animal?

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What is a Spirit Animal?

Simply put, a Spirit Animal, is a guardian angel that watches
over you, protects you and acts as your guide.

They are a considered a tutelary guide. “Tutelary” means to “serve as a protector, guardian,or patron.” Spirit Animals are saints in animal form. They also go by the names of power animal and totem animal.

Spirit Animals lend their power to us in the form of their innate gifts and talents. For example, a hawk lends us the power of being able to see far ahead as well as the ability to soar over our lives and get a big picture view.

Any living creature can be a spirit animal, but it is generally understood that most spirit animals are wild animals as our living domesticated pets are already in the service as our familiars. Pets that pass away can come back in spirit form…

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Debunking The Myths & Fears Associated With Spirit Animals

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Debunking the Myths

My spirit animal has to come in a special ceremony

I’ve seen spirit animals connect in the most mundane and the most astounding of circumstances. Just like there is no single path to God, there is no one way to relate with an animal guide. Mouse came to me while live trapping hundreds of mice for a scientific study. It was an inglorious job of repeatedly setting and checking traps, weighing mice, tagging their ears, determining their gender, and setting them free. Deer spirit animal made her presence known to me through a life purpose journey a shamanic practitioner performed on my behalf. A wild mountain lion came to me on a riverbank while I was all alone. We stood eye to eye for many moments before she quietly walked back into the woods. There’s no special ceremony needed, just contact that leads to consistent…

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