Of Light & Shadow: Anubis in the Darkness of Winter

My first encounter with Anubis as Master Healer was during a meditation. I found myself standing in a dark torch-lit room made of smooth stone that reminded me of the inner chambers of a temple. His presence was strong, but not intimidating. He, the Liminal Lord, stood before me, silent, but I knew that I was meant to follow him. He led me down a winding staircase that seemed to continue to go downward for ages. Downward and downward we spiraled, all the while I wondered where we were headed.

When we finally reached the bottom of the staircase, we stopped at a door. The door was a large door, made of wood and rounded at the top. Finally turning to me, Anubis smiled gently and spoke to me – not directly, but more a quiet whisper in the back of my mind. “This is the door that leads to a journey of healing. The path is dark, cold, overgrown, and frightening at times, but I promise you that, if you are willing to put forth the work needed, you will come out on the other side stronger, wiser, and more balanced.”

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Top 5 Modern Misunderstandings About Fairies

I thought for today’s blog I’d tackle a quick list of the most common things I see people saying about fairies in modern American culture that diverge widely from actual folklore and traditional beliefs. Of course I see a much wider range than just these but a top 5 of the most common modern misunderstandings I run across about fairies as I travel around the internet. Most of these are rooted in confusion in popular culture over the last hundred years or so, where one view of fairies from a specific group came to dominate over the older, wider cultural views. Most also do hold some truth but fall apart when projected out onto all fairies as a whole.

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21st Century Viking: Animal Healing

As a 21st Century Viking I find that the relationship that I have with my animals is extremely important to me. Mostly because they are my children and I am their protector and Guardian. They are just as much a part of my community as any of the humans. I extend to them my hospitality, and in return they offer me reciprocity for what I give, and it is unconditional.

When I had my chance to get my hands on Animal Healing by Niki J. Senior, I leapt at the chance to read it. I mean who wouldn’t want a chance to read and review a copy of someone’s book. Especially when you write books yourself? I was thinking that I might get one or two things out of it because I have lived and practiced different techniques with my animals since I was a kid, when I actually read the book though I was amazed at what I learned.

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An “Attack” on One of Mother Earth’s Sea Creatures

Sorry, this post looks so sloppy but this is how it copied and pasted. I felt the content of the article is more important than the way the post looks.

SMARTNEWS Keeping you current

It Only Takes Six Hours for Billions of Plastic Nanoparticles to Accumulate in Sea Scallops

The particles accumulated with rapid speed, but it took up to 48 days for them to disappear from the mollusks’ systems

image: https://thumbs-prod.si-cdn.com/c7CBNIE1e87ac75L8mgzHa7njJI=/800×600/filters:no_upscale()/https://public-media.si-cdn.com/filer/73/8e/738e942d-0e33-4fdb-9378-e7e9c351d1f0/http_2f2fcomftimagepublishupp-prod-uss3amazonaws_1.jpeg

Smaller nanoplastics spread throughout the scallops’ muscles, gills, gonads and other organs, while larger ones stayed mainly in the intestines (University of Plymouth)

By Meilan Solly

DECEMBER 5, 2018


In roughly six hours — the time it takes to fly directly from Washington, D.C. to San Francisco or binge watch the entire first season of “The Good Place” — billions of nanoplastic particles can accumulate in a sea scallop’s muscles, gills, kidneys and other organs.

An international group of researchers observed this surprisingly speedy process, newly detailed in Environmental Science & Technology, during a laboratory experiment that mimicked pollution conditions seen in actual oceans. As Lacy Schley reports for Discover, the scientists mixed a nanoplastic of their own creation—a doctored version of the polymer polystyrene, which serves as a main ingredient in Styrofoam—with the scallop’s main food source, algae.

Read more: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/it-only-takes-six-hours-billions-plastic-nanoparticles-build-sea-scallops-180970956/#2UxoEIRQ2xmicDfA.99
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A Tarot Death Card Usually Does Not Mean a Phyiscal Death

I have an app on my Kindle that sends me a Tarot card every day from the Rider – Waite deck. On my birthday and today I got the “Death” card. Do those of you who do not know Tarot meanings the Death card can represent the end o something in you life not necessarily you or someone you know is going to cross into the Summerlands.

Just after my birthday I found out where I worked might be moving or closing next year.  Well that small part o my life changing has happened by the time my doctor release me to go back to work it will not be there. Long story short it is in a strip mall foreclosed on about 5 years ago finally decided to kick out the remaining businesses by midnight December 31, 2018. Getting this card on my 60th birthday which is also Beltane or Samhain depending where you live was a little shocking as I’ve had this Tarot deck app for a couple of years and it has never came up before. But keep reading it was fire telling me of things to come like not having a job I need to leave home for.

So when I got the Death card this morning I wondered what door is going I close this time? Than it dawned on me I already have a couple of new projects I am working to help this website. One will help new novices with a small scholarship if they need it to take the course. While th other I am working on with Lady Abyss to help fund operating cost for this site and WOTC we hope. Sorry, but no spoilers yet on what these projects are. I also can take the time to write the book I outlined years ago that will be similar to taking the online novice course for those that want to work strictly as a Solitary Witch.

So yes while something in my life “dies” it is so something new can blossom in my life. The “Death” card does not always mean a person is going to cross into the Summerland most of the time it means a major change in a person life.

I do plan on doing a full physical reading with my two favorite Tarot deck later today to gain more insight to what is changing in my life. I am looking forward to whatever it may be.

Solitary Witchcraft

Witches Of The Craft®

Solitary Witchcraft

There are many reasons for performing witchcraft alone: your personal circumstances or the location of your home may mean that you cannot travel to a group, or you may live in an area where there are few others who share your interests. Many witches like myself choose to practise alone, drawing in my family and close friends to celebrate with me on the festival days. Most solitary witches initiate themselves, though some traditions, such as the Saxon Seat Wicca founded by Raymond Buckland in
the USA, do admit solitary witches.

Indeed, solitary practitioners are said by some to have been witches in seven previous lifetimes and to possess within them all they need to know about the Craft. Truth or myth, no one should underestimate the number of private practitioners who do work alone, some coming together occasionally in small, informal groups.

Solitary witches can use ceremonial magick…

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The Origins and Practice of Witchcraft

Witches Of The Craft®

The Origins and Practice of Witchcraft

A History Of Witchcraft
Witchcraft probably originated about 25,000 years ago in the Palaeolithic era. At that time, humankind and nature were seen as inextricably linked. People acknowledged every rock, tree and stream as deities in the life force, and the Earth as mother, offering both womb and tomb.
Prehistoric Witchcraft
Early man used sympathetic, or attracting, magick – in the form of dances, chants and cave paintings of animals – to attract the herds of animals that provided for the needs of the group, and to bring fertility to humans and animals alike. Hunters would re-enact the successful outcome of a hunt and would carry these energies into the everyday world. Offerings were made to the Mistress of the Herds and later to the Horned God, who was depicted wearing horns or antlers to display his sovereignty over the herds. Animal bones would…

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The Power of White Witchcraft

Witches Of The Craft®

The Power of White Witchcraft

‘Merlin, give me the strength to carry on.’
I found this prayer not in some medieval book or carved on the wall of an ancient castle but written in ballpoint pen on a page torn from a diary and left – along with scores of similar pleas – on an ancient pile of stones in the Forest of Broceliande in Brittany.
Archaeologists say that this is the grave of a Neolithic hunter, but local tradition says that in this forest dwelled Vivien, the Lady of the Lake of Arthurian legend, and that here, having seduced Merlin in order to learn his secrets, she ensnared him with his own spells. The stone pile is known as Merlin’s tomb, and each year hundreds visit the site to thank the wizard or to ask for his aid. When I visited the tomb, prayers – written on scraps of…

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