A Way to Honor Your Mother and/or Father

I really do not know if every country sets aside one day a year to honor a person’s mother and/or father.

A tip to have candles burn longer and drop less– Out the candles in your freezer. Leave them in there until the morning of the day or night you will use it. Always let candle come to room temperature especially if they are in a glass container. I can tell you first hand if you light the candle, especially any size pillar or one in a glass container, they will explode. I had a few blisters on my face and eyelids from a regular, non-empowered ritual, candle exploding and the wax was very difficult to get out of my couch and rug. Please keep in mind safety first When using any size or shape candle for any reason.

Even though mine crossed the veil almost 4 years ago I still honor her daily not just in a day gift card companies, flower and sweet shops say we should. My mom’s favorite colors were green and blue and as I sometimes make poured candles I make twelve 1 1/2 inch in diameter and about 4 to 5 inch tall candles in layers of different shades of blue and green usually on her birthday in December. Then I use one candle per month. On the first of each month I take the used candle out of the glass I had from a long burning candle. I have a plastic resealable bag I use for these pieces, I’ll explain later what I do with them. Before I put the new candle in I carve a memory of something my mom and I did together or something she had said to me or whatever I feel should go on it. I use different alphabets and/or drawings to do this. I then give the candle 3 small spritzes of her favorite scent while saying, “Blood to blood mom I honor you, Blood to blood mom I miss you, Blood to blood mom I love you. ” I say this every day when I might the candle and I spend a few minutes in a type of meditation thinking about what I write on the candle for that month which usually brings back other memories. When I’m done with my meditation, which usually 10 to 15 minutes I know out the candle for the day.

My dad’s favorite colors were a certain shade of blue worn by his favorite baseball team and a bright red wine by his favorite hockey team. I make his candles on his birthday in March the same way I make my mom’s I follow the same exact ritual for him as I do daily for my.mom. The only differences is I spritz the candle with his favorite after shave and substitute “dad” for “mom” in the short chant.

If you do not make candles go to a hobby store or most any kind of department store and buy the two candles that calls to you. If you would rather make it buy candles that will last longer than one month that’s fine. If doing this still spritz every month while using the appropriate chant or chants for mother and/or father. Thank use a different piece of paper every month that is small enough not to hang out of the edges of whatever is holding the candle. Use the present months candle to burn the paper from last month.

Any questions please ask before attempting to do this ritual.

3 thoughts on “A Way to Honor Your Mother and/or Father

  1. Hi there,😀
    I know it’s been awhile but I just had to comment on this blog. In Australia 🇦🇺 we have Mothers Day and Fathers Day too which is wonderful.

    For me this Fathers Day which is always on the first Sunday in September is going to be really difficult for my entire family. As my dear Father died just a week after Father’s Day in palliative care after far too much suffering.

    On his last Father’s Day 2018 we had a small barbecue in the lovely gardens in the palliative care that he was in and it was a very emotional occasion for us and Dad too.

    Nobody ate much obviously. But it made us all happy to see Dad enjoy just 3 mouthfuls of food, a few corn chips and nearly an entire stubbie of beer. He really loved that a lot! This was very close to the last food that he could tolerate before he died.

    So reading your own ideas about remembering your parents on those days totally resonated with me so much! I haven’t quite planned exactly everything just yet about what I’m doing for Father’s Day?

    However I will be doing something similar to you. Especially as it’s the first one since his passing. It was also the last day that he had all his family and his dogs together with him too.

    So thanks for some reminding me about this special Day with some great ideas of your own. I’ve already thought that I may do something similar to some Samhain rituals to a degree. As in what many witches put out for our ancestors. Like their favourite things from pictures to drinks and favourite foods too. Along with lighting some candles and incense because it’s also a very sacred, emotional and a very spiritual time too.

    I am also going to write a remembrance to Dad dedicated to his memory. Along with thanking him for his unconditional love amongst so many other loving and good things that he did for his family.

    Just thinking of this all has made me really tear up. So I’ll end this now.

    Thanks again.

    Blessed Be & Namaste,🙏

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    1. Your story brought tears to my eyes also. It is very hard to lose a parent. If you ever want to talk, I’ll listen just email me a time you would like to meet in our chat room.

      I ask Archangel Gaberial to wrap you and your family in his comforting, warm embrace.

      Blessings to help with your grief,
      Lady B


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