The Unseen Power of Your Thoughts and Emotions

Written by Hypatia

For Coven Life


 As the old adage goes: What you feed grows, is a meaning that defines our e-motions, that is our energy in motion. If you feed the love inside of you, than that is what shall grow.

As a magical practitioner, I attend to my behaviors in not only my physical world, but also the invisible worlds.  Ancient cultures understood this symbiotic relationship between the energy that is within ourselves and that of the Universe.

Mind the Web……

They understood there is a difference between the emotion or the thought that is expressed and sending out the energy behind the emotion. It all is a very delicate balance.

Yes, to every action there is a reaction, everything is in motion and I mean everything, seen or unseen.  Even these very words that I’m writing. Often this energy that we are sending out, if it is not conducive to our being, or to the well-being of whole of existence in a homeostatic way, it manifests as disease, not only in those that we have sent the energy to, but also within ourselves and others within our environment. Please be conscious of your part in the Great Web of Life. Understand that what effects one, effects all.

Time and time again wise Masters have tried to explain to humanity that thoughts are motion and or energy, as I mentioned above, energy in motion. Quotes such as:

We become what we think,

Anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die,

The wolf you feed is the one that grows,

Do unto others as you want done unto you,

And the list goes on……


Transforming the Energy of an Emotion

Expressing all emotions are a natural part of people’s behavior. This is what makes us unique. It is important to acknowledge the wealth and depth of feelings that go with being human and at the same time be conscious of what we are radiating out into the world. Conscious living in all its essence is important in maintaining the equilibrium in Universal energy, collective consciousness, or call it what you may. Just remember what you feed grows. Be kind to not only others but also yourself. More than often we place ourselves in categories of, I can’t do that, I’m not that smart, I’m afraid, I’m cursed, I’m my own enemy, how can I compete with that…………


Take the time to think and express your feelings before being triggered without even pulling the trigger.  Become conscious of your unconscious actions to understand the impact of your psychic interactions.

By evolving to a place of becoming aware of our invincible interactions, we align our energies to feed the energies that are conducive to our well-being and that of others.

Methods to Transmute Energy

  1. Recall

This is done by stopping and taking a step back.

When we feel such strong emotions, there is a great deal of energy that is being built up inside of us, one that is about to be unleashed out into the collective consciousness of the universe. Try to experience fully what you are feeling and take the time to understand the energy behind your strong emotions. Learn to feed your inner landscape with loving- kindness and radiate this to the world.


  1. State your intention

Start by expressing your gratitude, a simple thank you. This is to acknowledge that the assistance you are asking for is already there.

You could express something along the lines of:

“I am feeling……. right now. I have the right to these feelings. I sit in gratitude that this energy has been transmuted and transformed my emotions to love and well- being that radiates into the world”


  1. Breathe

Breathing can be very transformative. Remember that breath too is energy. That is why sometimes Magickal Practitioners use their breath to power objects and thoughts. Taking deep breaths in times of stress and high emotions helps to oxygenate your entire body, first up your heart and brain. Your heart rate slows down and oxygen is delivered to your brain to help you think clearly.  Breathing and focusing on your heart allows the energy shift to take place and transform from the transmutation.


  1. Recall

Sit in gratitude by recalling what you are grateful for.  Reflect on the things in life that are important to you no matter how big or small. Moments in time that have given you love, joy and happiness. Places that you have visited that have given you peace. Create a sense of calm and you can work through your current emotions.


  1. Sensory Redirection

Carry your favorite bottle of essential oil blend that you have empowered to set you in a space of calm in moments of stress. Listen to your favorite relaxing music, even better go out into nature and listen to the calming nature sounds that are actually designed by nature Herself to help us relax. This can assist in stopping your reaction to a situation.


  1. Inspiring words

Write them, sing them, rhyme them, do whatever works for you. Empower them by writing them on a pebble that you carry around or keep on your desk.  The choices are endless. Become inspired. People often do this on creative pin boards in stressful office environments.


  1. Elemental Assistance

The force of nature can be a powerful healer.  Work with the elements to transmute energy.  A beautiful prayer that I use.


All energy is Neutral…..

When one steps out of the realm of duality ALL energy is neutral.

Become responsible for your actions and understand that it is NOT OK to go around shooting psychic darts including to yourself. Be careful, or you could end up shooting yourself with one of these darts in the foot.

When you learn that All energy is neutral, you learn to absorb any energy that is in the collective as fuel.

Now that is powerful!


That energy turned into positive thought and actions is contagious. If we are in a toxic environment we are not honoring the elements that sustain us.

Our outside world is only a reflection of our inner world.


This is the best kind of magick of them all!!!

“When one’s spiritual needs are met by an untroubled inner life.

Happiness comes when your work and words are of benefit to yourself and others”

When magick is done in a state of Happiness, Gratitude, Calm, Love, Light, NO MATTER how hard done you feel, and yes I personally know that can be VERY hard at times, it’s about nourishing the well-being in yourself first and  fore most before you can begin to heal and nourish others.

If there is no state of calm within your being, then STEP AWAY from magick.  Step back, take a few breaths and start again.

This has got nothing to do with walking in the shadows, as there is no shadow without light. It’s about the energy that is created because of your thoughts and your actions.I personally love shadow work and work with it often for myself and my clientele.

As I mentioned above, energy is neither good nor bad, light nor dark, it’s purely energy. What you decide to do with it is a whole different story.

Many blessings to you and yours.