Lady Beltane New Affirmation Mantra

My brain feels like its gotten scrambled from looking at so many websites yesterday, last night, and this morning… but shhhhh don’t tell anyone. Yeah me I got my first real post one WOTC this morning so that’s a step in the right direction I think. My almost 4-year-old grandson whom I am watching today and tomorrow came up from playing downstairs and I was scrubbing my face with my hands trying to wake up more. As they say the truth from the mouth of babes he said, “Grandma you need to go nite, nite.” Can’t really argue the point with him after only 3 hours sleep. So now you have some idea of my mindset…bed – sleep – dream…POP the bubble goes and I am back to reality hence the need for a new affirmation mantra which is “I am strong and intelligent enough to do this!” The “this” is overseen WOTC and CL websites, Coven Life’s online witchcraft school and online coven. Another of my favorite affirmations is “Positive thoughts and deeds lead to positive results in your life.”

Again I ask you for patience with the post I am putting up this week while I am trying to figure out a new routine so neither Coven Life or Witches of The Craft websites go down in quality. A HUGE thank you to Priestess Hypatia, my right-hand witch here on Coven Life, for taking over some of the day to day things I do while I get used to posting on WOTC.