Accepting the Crone Years

This morning I was having a great deal of difficulty getting ready for work. You see as I have entered my crone years things don’t always look the the way they once used to. In particular, I was complaining about my wrinkled arms. It has just begun to warm up and I couldn’t find a shirt that had long sleeves, but wouldn’t make me a sweaty mess. That led to my being very critical of other parts that just weren’t as firm or smooth as they once were. As you can imagine my mood was beginning to darken and that’s not how I like to start my day, especially on a Friday! When my phone signaled that I had received a message I hoped it was something to brighten my day, but unfortunately it was bad news and I was immediately humbled. A friend of ours had passed away during the night. He had recently been diagnosed with the dreaded C – cancer. He was a few years younger than me, and had just married a wonderful woman after a lifetime of looking for his soulmate. It really put my problems into perspective. Yes, I have aged. My face has lines and crows feet. Because I’ve smiled often. Wouldn’t trade that. Gravity is taking it’s toll on my body. But it did house my beautiful children that are now responsible adults that have blessed me with grandchildren. I can’t run up the stairs as fast as I once could, but I am not in such a hurry anymore. My wrinkled arms are not pretty to look at, but my grandchildren love to be snuggled in them and I take every opportunity offered to rock them in the rocker my husband gifted to me when our first son was born. I look exactly as I should for my age. We will miss our dear friend, but I am grateful for the reminder of how precious our time on this earth is, even with the wrinkles. I smiled when I remembered one of my grandkids asking why my arms look as they do. I explained that happens when you get older. Her answer was, “I still love when  you hug me with your flabby arms.” May the Goddess help our friend to pass to the Summerland peacefully. And thank you for reminding me to be grateful that I am still here on this earth, flabby sin and all.