Are you a Witch?

Over the years I have had some awkward moments when someone has asked me if I am a witch. How do you respond? As inclusive as our society is, the world has not embraced us, yet. Mostly I think because we are still not understood. Some people think we are to be feared, others believe we are lost souls and need to be saved. I’m grateful to live in a county where I am legally allowed to practice my own beliefs, but I know that not everyone is on board with witchcraft being one of those beliefs. I give thanks to those that paved the way for us to have come as far as w have, but many of us still keep our viewpoints to ourselves. Our jobs, families, friends, and communities might see us differently so we choose to practice quietly on our own. And that’s okay. It is always better to let people get to know you better before you divulge your beliefs. If they already know that you are a nature lover, friend to animals and humans alike, and practice “harm to none”, you become less scary. However, be prepared for the questions that will follow. A lot of people take part in meditation, horoscopes, have tarot readings, and use positive mantras to help de-stress. Me too! These are all helpful to everyone, no matter what path you follow. I see no reason to announce to anyone how I honour my Goddess. But once you enter my home there are subtle references that sometimes are picked up on. This is where I tread lightly when asked outright if I am a witch. I answer with “well, that depends on what your interpretation of what a witch is.” Or, “why do you ask?” That usually leads to discussion. I have had some very interesting conversations and some that have ended badly. The ones that didn’t end well gave me no concern because I knew in my heart our differences were too many to maintain a good relationship. And, I never outright answered their question so they can’t cause me any grief. We truly believe in everyone having the right to freedom of religion and love our brothers and sisters regardless of their faith. I would love to shout to the world who I am and my beliefs, but instead I quietly enjoy the love and blessings granted to me by the Gods and Goddesses and honour them in return. Peace and love,

Priestess Maia