The Caledonii Grande Tradition

Generations ago, the tribes of the highland regions of Scotland fought the Roman incursion into their territory. One of these Tribes was known to the Romans by their Latinized name, CALEDONII. The ancient pronunciation of the Tribal name is kept closely guarded by the living order of Druidic Priests and Priestesses stemming from the original Druidh of the Tribe Caledonii. The remoteness of their lands and sanctuaries helped preserve them and their religion from destruction by the Romans and during the missionizing efforts of the Church. Druidic rites survived in Scotland longer than in any other Celtic country. Only in the Continental Trans-Val region did rituals, now accepted as Druidic in origin, survive as long. The modern Caledonii survived through associations with a number of Highland Clans, the Stewerts of Bute maintained the line that has come down to our time, complete with the sacred knowledge and the blood line of the chosen chieftains. By this we mean the chosen Druidic chieftain, not the chieftain of the Stewert Clans. Tradition states that the Stewerts associated with the Royal House of Edinburg, produced a Druidess named Mari Morgaine, and that through her, the line passed to the present day Chosen Chief, Ariel Morgan. The Caledonii of today maintain the ancient rites of the Celtic religion, taught for generations by our people and passed down through the wisdom keepers to those chosen to bear the knowledge. We entrust this knowledge to those who feel the call of the Spirits to minister to the children of the religions of the Mother Earth. It is a serious undertaking, one that requires long hours and much work. For those who feel the call, we welcome you into study.

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