It has come to my attention…….

Witches Of The Craft®

that people are having a hard time logging in or even finding the chatroom. I learned tonight an easy way to do it from another chat I attended (hint, hint, Lady B). There was one there that made the comment that they wanted to come to the ritual tomorrow night but they couldn’t find the chatroom. Another person gave them the answer on how to find the chatroom I never thought of.  This individual said you pull up the store first, Magickal Necessities. Once you did this you scrolled down the page to you come to the list of categories. At the very bottom of the categories is the chatroom. Click that link and you are in the chatroom before you know it. I had never thought of that. I just thought of giving you the chatroom addy and it would work.

Now for those of you new to the…

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