Paganism & Neo-Paganism

The words ‘Paganism’ and ‘Pagan’ come from the Latin ‘paganus,’ meaning ‘country dweller. In simplest terms – Paganism is a religion of place, or a native religion, for example the Native American’s religion is Pagan, Hinduism is a form of Paganism. All Pagan religions are characterized by a connection and reverence for nature, and are usually polytheistic i.e. have many Gods and/or Goddesses.

Paganism is a religion of nature, in other words Pagans revere Nature. Pagans see the divine as immanent in the whole of life and the universe; in every tree, plant, animal and object, man and woman and in the dark side of life as much as in the light. Pagans live their lives attuned to the cycles of Nature, the seasons, life and death.

Unlike the patriarchal religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism) the divine is female as well as male and therefore there is a Goddess as well as a God. These deities are within us as well as without us (immanent); they are us.

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A Thought for Every Day

Positive Thinking brings you Positive Energy which Equals Positive Results in all parts of your life be it at home, school, work, or any combination. It also helps your spiritual path allowing you to hear and follow your guides better, keeping your stress levels lower and makes you a happier person.

My daily mantra for a couple of weeks when I start feeling down or angry or stressed is, “Positive thinking equals positive thoughts.” And I have repeating this either in my mind or out loud it does bring me back to a good place filled with light and enjoyment from the dark, negative, lonely place my mind was going to or already in it.

Blessed be my dear sisters and brothers!