Voodoo Loa Luring Covens Of Witches !!!

During a recent gathering,  one of our coven members was interested in learning more about this enigmatic religion.  It is important that when doing internet searches to learn to filter opinions that are directly linked with extremists views.  If you can find someone who  practices the religion, ask kindly if they are willing to explain for a clearer understanding. What better than the horses both.  Im sure they would be more than happy to explain the difference in their many layers within the religion and clear any misconceptions.

Below is an interesting article presented on Patheos explaining such misconstruing ideas warped by the extremist views and tarnished with misappropriation…………..

There are always crazy accusations about the religion of New Orleans Voodoo, Haitian Vodou, and other African Traditions. Some of these wacky theories come from Christians, as I spoke about in our last episode of Witchcraft & Voodoo on Youtube, and some come from the Media. What would probably surprise people is that very often these ancient religions are maligned by groups that have also suffered prejudice and misinformation. This is the case with a recent video I watched focusing on the evils of Dark Voodoo created by a large Occult organization. When my dear friend sent me the link I couldn’t believe my eyes.

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Hereditary Witchcraft

There are a few families of witches that practice together as a coven, but no outsider is ever allowed at their gatherings. Even a witch that married into the family if not from the family’s bloodlines would not be permitted to attend the gatherings. The children of these couples would be allowed to attend gatherings. That is why in certain witches bloodlines there are a lot of inter family marriages.

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