Images of and More Information about the Goddess Cerriwen

Here is the link for the general search I did for the Goddess Cerriwen : Further Information About Cerriwen She is an interesting goddess to me because one of the things that are ascribed to her is being the keeper of the cauldron. Cerriwen also crosses over into other cultures pantheons.

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Cerridwen: Mother, Magician, and Crone from Old Welsh Mythology

An enchantress from Welsh mythology, Cerridwen is regarded as a woman of incredible power and magic.  She pervades Welsh and Irish culture as an emblem of wisdom and rebirth, remaining today as a Wiccan goddess of the pair, as well as of inspiration.  As a woman of fierce magical talent, Cerridwen’s story is interestingly less about herself and more about the children she bore.

Seen by many as a Mother Crone, Cerridwen is driven in the Welsh tales by a desire for her son’s success in life.  Also the mother of a beautiful young daughter named Creirwy with Tegid Foel, her boy Morfran is known for his immense physical hideousness.  Gaining him a promising future means counteracting this ugliness, so she does so by using her advanced magic to brew him a concoction of mental and spiritual intellect.

The owner of a magical cauldron is called Awen, directly translated as “inspiration”. Cerridwen decides to create a brew that would give her outwardly unlucky son brilliance beyond all measure.  It is a very particular potion, however, and has to boil for a year and a day for the drinker to achieve its full effects.  To protect her secret and the potion, Cerridwen ensures its fire is tended only by a blind man and that it is stirred only by a young boy named Gwion Bach.  Gwion, as many myths of such peculiar circumstances would have it, turns out to be the potion’s ultimate undoing.

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