Pagan Pride

Festivals are a large part of the Pagan year.  There isn’t a time of year that you can’t find some Pagan event going on somewhere in the country.  Some parts of the country are known for their large festivals, which are attended by hundreds of people within the diverse Pagan and magical community of North America.  There are thriving Pagan communities within the heartland of America living in places that on the surface are seen as largely Christian and conservative.  These are the places where Paganism thrives in its wild state.  Many practitioners in these areas are solitary practitioners for lack of a large enough community that gathers at regular times since many of us are spread across a wide area.  Pagan Pride Festivals in these areas are often the only time of the year that the Pagan community comes together, unless you want to travel to one of the larger festivals.  For some people who live in small towns far off the beaten path this is a special time of coming together.  If there is a place to gather and an event to attend the Pagan community seems to materialize from the many individual practitioners who come together for such occasions.

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