Tools of Ancient Priesthood

Written for Coven Life

By Priestess Hypatia


Pictures from the National Hellenic Museum Athens, taken 2019.

Above is a wonderful display of ancient Greek ritual objects used by the priests and priestesses of the ancient Hellenic, Minoan and Egyptian world.

Nothing more connects me to my magickal ancestors than when I visit the museums of Europe, this one is in Athens. 2000BC Couldrens, drinking cups, ritual containers no wonder I am drawn to the craft.

Magick was part of their everyday life. Temples were overflowing with devotees and ritual of daily devotion.  Magick has become part of my daily life too, the only difference is my temple has become the Great Earth Mother or Gaia as the Ancient Greeks knew Her.

When I visit these great temples, to me they are a place of devotion, to most a place of amusements and to others a place of mysteries long past.