Essence of Violet


Written for Coven Life

By Priestess Hypatia


Violet is associated with highly evolved and fragile souls. When I first started making essences, no flower more impacted my spiritual practice than violet. It allowed me to transition through a very impactful time in my life.

With such a high vibration and perfect harmony,  violet opens up your soul to every divine possibility. I now make this essence for people who are ready to transition, both on this earth and those going beyond.

There is no Time like the Present- 7

Written for Coven Life

By Priestess Hypatia




In the previous series I mentioned about remembering the Flow . Today I will be remembering one of my most liberating words- RELEASE………

We are now entering a phase in humanity where if we do not release what has not been working for us as a collective we will not be able to survive.

This not only includes the way we think about the environment, but also the way we organize our health systems, our economy, manage our land, resources and respect our surroundings in general. Science has dubbed this era as the 6th mass extinction. This basically means that we have been over the last couple of decades in a ‘biological annihilation’, yes, we are speeding up extinction of not only us but all other species that include animal, insect and plant on this earth.

So for today I will be mentioning how important it is to release old personal and collective patterns that could assist in our survival. Remember the ‘I am because we are’!

Renewal will possibly happen through release, so in the process of releasing your old ways you could say that you are doing your part in assisting humanity. The process of release allows us to no longer feel controlled by life circumstances, no longer feel helpless that we can’t do anything about it. By letting go we discover what remains, at times this is blissful, at times painful. For example, in relationships or work or environment, by letting go you can see that there is nothing much left to hold on to, so holding on to nothing seems useless.

When we refuse to release what is no longer working for us we become unhappy and irritated and can lead to a great deal of tension. NOW is the time to discard anything that is no longer working for you. Start looking at the world in a new perspective. Start looking at humanity as a collective rather than individuals all lumped together. Release the overwhelming need to rely on others for work, relationships and even health. We have become so dependent on a health system that no longer is working for us. Take charge of your own health! It’s time to shed the beliefs and behaviors that do not serve your highest good. Let go of any preconceived Ideas of how things should be and begin joining in building the ‘new world’.

The reality is the RELEASE is connected to possible endings to make way for what will work and discard what is no longer working. We can see this actually unfolding before our eyes. Nature has  Her own way  of seeking this balance for the good of the collective. Nature you could say is releasing what is no longer working for Her and as harsh as it may seem it actually includes humanity.

So for now RELEASING and letting go is moving with the FLOW, the very word that we were remembering in the previous series, it is about empowering yourself to move forward with a new and inspirational perspective. Everyone has a part to play on this stage called Earth, as insignificant and helpless you might feel on the scale of things begin by making a change today!


I am open to the flow and the growth by letting go of all expectations.