Wanderings of a witch

Study session with Dawn of the Day

The year has not turned out to be what everyone has expected.

I had to head up to school last night to work on grades, graduation speeches and several other things and as I was heading home the sun was setting in the west.  I took a minute at this time to stop on a hill that overlooks the baseball diamond and thought back over all the broken dreams these students have suffered.  There I sat in my truck kinda of imagining that a baseball game was taking place even though the field had not even been used this year. I sat and wondered about all the sterling pitching performances that were supposed to of been, the great defensive plays that would of built the confidence of the players and cheers from the fans, the spectacular game winning hits that would of helped the player succeed at the next level, and the difference in the students lives between what has happened and what was expected to happen.

After reading the graduation speeches this evening which were very very good by the way, I was impressed that the seniors understood what was happening and knew it was beyond any ones control. They were sad but accepting and were looking forward to their next steps in life.  They were ready to put this in their past and move on to the next stage whether it be college, work or the armed forces.

I have always said that students were the best to adjust to life no matter what was thrown at them and here once again they have proven to me that they will get through this crisis and become even better young adults. They will be ready to take there places in an ever changing world and become the leaders of tomorrow.  They will use the events and build upon them as they work to change to world and work within a world that has changed

WE do not know what to expect from the world tomorrow but those who can adjust and adapt will be the best prepared for the future. The class of 2020 will be better prepared for the future because of this simple little virus, the quarantine and the changes that are going to come