5 Card Angel Messages & Advice for the week of 4 May 2020 by the Silver Sage

Find out about your power(s), and of course, other things about your self.

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Merry Meet,

I wanted to discuss today about the three parts of all of us. The first part of us is our spiritual part, which is represented by the upper 3 Chakras. Then there is the Ego part of us which is represented by the lower 3 Chakra’s. Now, the third part of us is the Heart.

Now, we have to choose everyday about what we are going to listen to…will it be the spiritual/heart part of us which is the “I AM” or the Ego part which is “I AM NOT”

Very important because the ego can and will ruin our lives if we let it take over and it will lead to devastation because it will lead to greed etc.

Thought this was the perfect time to let everybody think about this which to me is a very important decision for all of us.

I choose “I AM” but we each have the decision to make.

Blessed Be!