There is No Time Like the Present- 10

  1. Confront

Something that most of us spend a great deal of time avoiding.


Because when we do, things that have been repressed come to the surface. They come out of the illusionary state and into reality, they emerge from the shadows, they rear their head in all shapes and sizes. They poke and prod us in our dreams and in our waking life. They become relentless if we don’t confront them, face them head on and even embrace them. Confronting our shadows can be debilitating where emotions of shame, anger, rage, humiliation and so forth surface.

However, without confronting such perceived thought processes that play like a real of an old movie in our head over and over again, it is difficult to move forward, to move away, to grow, to create, to thrive and at times to even live and breathe.

One of the biggest confrontations I have found in this unsettling time is confronting our fears. For some this can be so debilitating to the point where they have become ill from it and nothing else. Fear is one of the major factors I believe that can hinder us from confronting our true selves. Fear of Rejection, Judgement, offense, abandonment and even fear of our own power. Not all fear is bad, but fear that takes a hold of your entire being and represses your growth process, then this is not beneficial.


Without confronting these perceived self-inflicted barriers we will never be able to move forward, move away from what is holding us back to become our better selves. No one said it was going to be easy, life sucks some of the time, but it’s how we confront ourselves and others that are playing a role in our wheel of fate. Take control of your life, confront your fears, they don’t need to control you. Confront the people you feel judged by, degraded by, bullied by, controlled by, dominated by etc… Confront yourself and anyone who is controlling the aspect of your free will. Confront your shadows, your regrets, your uncontrollable behaviors. The cost of staying silent to yourself and others far outweighs the perceived threat of being honest, open, vocal and communicating your feelings and thoughts.

Finally remember to confront your true inner being of love. Open your heart to what you love and to who you love, sometimes this is even harder to confront. Stay true to yourself and don’t allow others fears to control you, don’t make their fear yours. Open your mind and your heart will follow.



I will confront all that is holding me back to become a better version of me there is