Journeying Through The Corridors

SunRay here,

Wandering through the corridors of Wisdom and Inter Knowledge, for weeks, I’ve bumped into cards that keep repeating; With hard work and diligence will bring good fortune for your future. As I pull a couple more cards for clarification, my art work is always implied. Actually one of the cards will say artistic ability. Lol

I always try to use my intuition in reading the cards but as a new study I also refer to my book that came with the cards. 

Now I’m in a place of decision because a new thought intered in. Am I pulling these readings because my life is so involved with painting? Is what I want to do controlling the cards that are showing up? Or, am I just supposed to put my life on hold, work out my inner turmoil and just keep painting?  Haha Isn’t life, growth and wisdom such a riddle?? Lol

Brightest Blessings Sisters and Brothers,

SunRay Sorceress 💙