how to make moon water

How to Make Moon Water

Making moon water is super simple, and can be as easy or involved as you choose. All you need is a container, water, and a spot to put it that is exposed to moonlight. You can use a mason jar, a ceremonial chalice, a drinking glass, even a water bottle. Just set your chosen container on a windowsill or outside where it will be exposed to moonlight and let it soak up that cosmic energy. If you plan on drinking your moon water, cover it so no bugs or dust gets in. If you want to take it a step further you can surround your container with crystals, herbs, or other items that speak to you. Either way, once you wake up, gather your container and you’re ready to use your energy infused water. One quick note, some people say you need to gather your moon water before the sun hits it but, do what’s right for you; if you don’t want to wake up that early I don’t blame you!