Spell-casting and Ethics

When it comes to spell casting there are a number of things we as Enchanted Witches should think about before we cast a spell. Sometimes we all face decisions and wonder what would happen if we used a little bit of spell casting to make things turn our a little better. Well this is where ethics come into the picture. So, what do you consider morally right and wrong.

Therefore, remember when do spells you come from a place that shows your ethics. DO NOT GO AGAINST ANYBODY’S FREE WILL.

This coven will not allow anybody to write spells for others nor do we allow any member to do spells for anybody that goes against free will with everyone that is involved.

Remember, free will and know that when you keep spell casting in the light, you will always shine.

Blessed Be,

High Priestess Raven Spirit Walker

“Enchanted Spirit Witch”

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