Changes on the Way

Changes Coming

Hi everyone this is Raven Spirit Walker and I am posting today to inform everyone that there are going to be some changes coming to this website. Lady Beltane is retiring from the website and I will be taking over as High Priestess. Also, the name will change from Coven Life to Enchanted Circle of Witches.

It has been an honor working with Lady B and I love her dearly. It has come time for her to move on in her life and I have gained so much knowledge from her. She is an amazing witch!

I would like to say if you are posting you can continue if you would like but please contact me and let me know at the following email address:

I will be doing things a little different for this coven so just hang tight with me as it may take me a little bit to get all this arranged.

Stay tuned for updates.

May blessings Lady B and we love you!