Witch Quickie Wednesday Magickal, Healing Plantain Plants By Lady Silver Sage

Greetings and welcome to Witch Quickie Wednesday!
It’s time to learn about a very special, Magickal, Healing Plant! In addition, we will be laughing and enjoying life, so do join me. Just to let you know, if you watch all the way till the end and SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel, something that will make you very happy will happen to you THIS WEEK!

LOOK HERE: If you’d like to learn about witchcraft and magick, be sure to sign up for The Academy of International Witch-Crafting©. The Witchling (Novice), Course is only a $50 donation. The course has already started, but if you’re truly interested, we will find a way for you to still join. Send a short request message to me at: aiwc@web.de

Love, Light, Understanding, & Peace to all!
Lady Silver Sage
of witchcraftandmore.com &
The Academy Of International Witch-Crafting©

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