There is No Time Like The Present-9

  1. Balance


And so we come to the Universal Equilibrium……

There is nothing in existence that was, is and will be that does not require Balance for its continuation. “It is the key to everything”.

So here I am, like many across the globe challenged in balancing the new normal. Our world has changed, it is evolving in a new way. Is it better? Who knows? What I do know, as part of the web of life, if we, I, you, want to continue on this earth, balance needs to be restored and the best place to start is with yourself! Respect this delicate balance that Nature has used to nurture humanity for so long.

Start on the inside and work your way out.

Having a balanced life can assist in making a better and more functional you. Master this space first before you start with the rest of the world. Fix you first, as so you can have the ability to fix all that is around you. It can assist in organizing your immediate surroundings. Begin by cleaning and clearing what is no longer needed by understanding your actions and decisions of your past. We now have the opportunity to turn inwards and momentarily turn away from everyday actions and distractions. Yes……”There is no time like the present”

There is not one spiritual or religious path that humanity follows that does not promote balance within in order to balance without, even the TAROT has this theme.

Take responsibility of you own life, own your actions and decisions, own the consequences that come from those actions and understand that for every action there is a reaction. BECOME AWARE! This is the key to a balanced life, this is what growth looks like. So understand that whatever you do, whatever you experience contributes to the development of your personality. Learn to understand your physical existence which includes its limitations. The universe is vast and mysterious, and no one has control over what happens in it, but you can learn to respond to the universal energy that will allow you control over your own life. The Greeks have a saying that dates back to 2500BC-

“Your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your character, your character becomes your destiny and your destiny your fate, and no one can escape their fate”

Watch your thoughts as they are a conversation with the universe. How many times have you heard that, be careful what you wish for……


I will restore the balance in and around my life by accepting responsibility for all my actions.

3 thoughts on “There is No Time Like The Present-9

  1. Thank you very much always for your advice! I am very grateful 🌺 I just don’t feel healthy today, I shall check my posts and go back to sleep 😴 Nothing serious, nothing to worry about. My IBS is just reminding of itself.


  2. Greetings dear sister.
    Look after yourself and try and get some rest. Sleep is a wonderful way to balance your body, mind and soul. It enhances your immunity and boosts your mood.


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