5 thoughts on “You’re Being Blessed!

  1. Yes, I have experienced this! And my Mom, Granny, and Aunts. One of the aunts even heard the ringing before someone is gonna call her. ☎️ And I thought the article of thinking something important from the past. I realized that my Granny was a very special person for me. She had this ‘gift’ to sense spiritual -life (and later my Mom, Aunt and me) I spent every summer -holidays at my Granny’s place 🌺 And she has appeared to my dreams (since she passed away) Mostly warning, and giving advice. She is my special person like my mom also ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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    1. Yes, I have had many experiences like this. Often times it precedes prophetic dreams or visions. I have really been trying to open my third eye lately and I believe it’s working!

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      1. Hello, Sister Thank you very much for your posts. 🌺 🌺 🌺 As you might hear my computer was hacked some time ago. I have every day some problems with it. I don’t know if someone on WordPress is having something against me? That person who hacked my PC is having my IP -address. And he (she) is doing some harm every day to my computer. I had a very nice lady who is coming to fix my PC this week. But I have to also keep my PC closed over 24 hours so that IP -address is gonna be changed. Maybe some of the pages I have subscribed here – do not like me personally 🤔 I wish to stay here and continue my studies. But that person keeps adding me on Instagram all the time. Even I have removed him. I thought witches are keeping all members safe. I have talked about this to Lady Beltane, who has tried to help me. I don’t know when I am capable to come back. But I shall surely read all posts (I put them to folder ‘Undread’ if I don’t have time to read all on the same day.) I wish to know if I am not welcome to WordPress and follow some of you anymore. That would be much fairer (?) If there is some conspiracy against my personality, I have to consider to find a new place to continue learning Paganism and Witchcraft. I have really liked your all posts.


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