wanderings of a witch

Study session By Dawn


How many people out there have suffered from this wonderful word. What are the causes, they are as varied as the cures. is it stress, anxiety, depression or a child or parent that is sick and needing tender loving care.

What are the cures that you know of, certain teas, no caffeine after 6, melatonin, and then there is the serious stuff, prescription meds, Ambiant and others, ugh.

I have been suffering from this the last couple of months getting somewhere between 3-5 hours of sleep a night. taking multiple bathroom breaks, trying a little food, maybe watching a rerun for a bit to get my mind to quiet, I have become the queen of solitaire at 2 in the morning lol.

So what to do, what has helped get me through this is to think how lucky I am, I have a loving family worried about my health and looking up remedies for me. I have my health in every other way, I can do most everything I need to do in a days time,although my family worries about all the work i do lol, I try to use the time to lay quietly and think about what the goddess would like for me to do, what steps she wishes for me to take, am i following my heart and making the decisions that are right for me or am i making decisions for others that are leading to more stress and anxiety.

I am lucky in so many ways and although I do wish I had never heard the word insomnia I try to remember all my blessing and not the few trials and tribulations that I am facing along the way. I hope the insomnia will pass but at the same time try and understand that the new day can and will be a good day depending on my attitude when i do get the day started



One thought on “wanderings of a witch

  1. Very rare for me to get it but, since this damned Covid virus, I’ve hardly slept for weeks! 😦 Just too many upsetting things happening and too much disruption to life!


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