Witchcraft today…Has it affected you?

Witchcraft today is going strong. Most people think if you are practicing witchcraft is has to be evil when in truth its actually how you practice it.

I am firm believer in practicing witchcraft and practice it in the light. I know most people get scared and walk away from you. Well, that has happened to me since I have begun this journey. I am also a spiritual medium and I have lost so called friends from finding that out.

Do I care? No, they didn’t deserve me in their life. Witchcraft and mediumship is very important to me. I live my life the way I want to and I don’t need anyone’s approval for that. Accept me as I am or I don’t or need you in my life.

So, has this happened to you? I am sure it has but you know what don’t let it get you down. Just keep going and hold your head up.

Blessed be,


5 thoughts on “Witchcraft today…Has it affected you?

  1. It’s a shame there’s still so much old-fashioned and outdated ignorance about the craft really (although I acknowledge it is possible to use it for ill but I think most don’t). You’ve taken absolutely the right attitude there though!

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  2. I haven’t really encountered any great negativity.. I have a very small family.. and no outside friends.. what family that I have don’t really know exactly what my Path is.. they think my passion for oils is just for making body scents and since childhood I’ve always brought boxes of rocks and stones home, my obsession with crystals is just related to my childhood weirdness toward rocks and stones. My mum seems a little more aware since there have been times she’s asked me to light a candle and say a prayer (or whatever I do and to whom/whatever I believe it) for various people who have been deathly ill.. she’s been real cool about it..


  3. I work in a very technical environment, 2 of the 3 flat walls of my office are glass dry erase boards, usually filled with drawing of projects, material/energy balances, and various equations. I do a lot of shorthand writing for my own benefit which are various symbols that I’ve taken from difference branches of the sciences (many symbols overlap and mean totally different things to different fields for those of you who don’t know).

    Anyway, I’ve recently started studying the craft in this, my first coven :), and in my spare time I’v been going through the past archives month by month (almost through 2015 lol) and I’ve made some notes on my boards that only a select few have stared at it. Most just frown for a couple seconds and then dismiss it, probably afraid of looking uninformed.
    Only 1, a junior employee, asked about my section where was trying to work out the philosophical balance of the Law of Three Mentioned in the Witch’s Rede, and after a second of hesitation I just decided to roll with it and explain it to her and she started talking about similar teaching her mother told her growing up Hindu in Guyana.

    We had a very stimulating conversation and I felt like we bonded a little. She can’t really discuss or express her faith here in rural south Georgia due to a lot of… uninformed assumptions from those whose generations haven’t traveled far from the tree, geographically and culturally speaking.


  4. I have had a hard time with this. There is such a bad stereotype and negative stigma around witchcraft in our society. Because of this I have chosen to be more private about my witchcraft. My close friends, and roommates are very supportive and fascinated by it, which is wonderful. However, even my mom had a negative reaction to it at first. Thankfully, I believe that our society is becoming more educated about modern witchcraft and is coming around slowly.


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