Hello Dear Ones

How is everyone in The States doing? Some many of us had a 4 dayof weekend. So who’s looking forward to going back to work tomorrow and who’s not?

I am sorry I did not start posting again yesterday and a few new things. My 3 oldest grandchildren from Indiana decided to stay today too.

Thankfully, my grandchildren who choose to stay with grandma are leaving after lunch. I love all my grandchildren with all my heart, even the one I’ve only met via ultrasound picture so far. But 4 1/2 days of more modern style of music than I usually listen to at just below concert loud, my 20 year old grandson hungry 24/7 and along with his 24 and 19 year old sisters being on Some type of electronic device. I, Star, and my hubby are ready for some quietness to descend on our home again. Cleo loves having more peopleto here to get “snuck” people food from, more walks and choices of who tobe sleep with. She’ll being originatorsthe coupleof of days after everyone leaves.

I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow but will get up as many posts as I have time to.

Until we meet again may you and your family blessed be.

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