We Are All One!

8th April 2019

Written By Hypatia

For Coven Life


In Wisdom we Seek knowledge.

I often find it difficult in conversation, with like minded people, also following a spiritually enriched path, to explain what I seek. Yes…… I am a seeker of wisdom. It’s just not enough to have knowledge these days, Heck, it’s not even enough to just follow one path.  Knowledge is easily accessible over the internet. Anyone with some kind of basic computer skill, an interest and a thirst for the esoteric and occult can access this. Certificates, diplomas and doctorates are given out readily these days for just about anything. Does that make you knowledgeable? Possibly. Does that make you wise? Well, wisdom is not a piece of paper, it is a way of life.

All the ancients knew this well.

Who are you?

Are you Pagan, a Mystic, a Shaman, a Witch, a  Wicca, a Healer, a Druid, a Spiritualist, a Priestess/ Priest and the list goes on! There are sub categories for sub categories.

Well I am all of these and more.

I am also a wife, a sister, a friend, a lover, an employee, an artist, an avid reader, a philanthropist and at times a down right BITCH! Where do we stop with this obsession of Identity?

Firstly I would like to say that I don’t like to be identified or classified by what I believe or don’t believe for that matter, what I do and where I go, well, NOT ANY MORE. People feel that they need to classify themselves and others in order to understand each other. I spent a great deal of my youth trying to fit into other people’s expectations. Feeling the need to classify myself because they demanded clarification, and of course my need to fit in. It is with confidence that I can now say, I AM. I AM God, Goddess, you, me, and them. I AM everything just like you! WE ARE ALL ONE!

We are ALL made of the same stuff. The very stuff that created the entire Universe.

Delving into the origins of the Human soul from all different religions, cultures and time gives me a slight perspective of who I AM. I began to realize through my intensive studies in the search for wisdom, both formally and informally that this sacred knowledge is not dedicated to one source, one culture or one era. Everyone claims their source is the correct one and there is no other, spending their life trying to prove their belief and disproves others. It is not written in one book or spoken by one prophet or in one language. It is not housed in one temple, sacred land or constellation. I have come to understand it is an amalgamation of human consciousness that has evolved and continues to evolve throughout time. It is in the hearts of ALL living beings that includes animals, humans, trees, plants, mountains, insects, rivers, streams, all water ways. The Lakota peoples say “Mitákuye Oyás’iŋ” (All Are Related). When will we see this!

What does this all mean?

We are now, yet once again, entering an era of Global Consciousness and with that comes the awakening of the soul. This is not something new. Humanity experiences this every now and then.  A true Witch (Wise person) understands that magick is embedded in the Consciousness of every-thing. It is written in code in every cell, every breath, and every grain of sand. It is the same code that created the stars, the planets, our Universe and many other Universes. This is why in the essence of GRATITUDE, and what the Andean people call “AYNI” or RECIPROCITY we are merely the care takers of this Great Mother Earth. Each and every one of us are Earth Walkers. We do not own our lands, our partners, our children, our pets, these are not ours to own. We are merely guardians ensuring that through reciprocity everything remains in perfect balance. “We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”. Powerful words that help us concentrate on bettering the future of this great Mother earth. Ensure that all you do is for the greater good of all future generations.

The ancients realized that we do not live in only 3 Dimensions. There are multiple dimensions constantly encircling all around us. Science NOW call this string theory. This is why humans have always had the ability to astro-travel, talk to spirits and see the future. Humans have always had the ability to move what the ancients call between the worlds. They travel to the upper, middle and lower worlds to, retrieve, to learn and to heal. They travel to the past and see what has been, they travel to the future and see what will become. This is how some of the greatest prophecies over time have come to fruition. It’s not just Oracles, Magi, Witches, Shamans, Prophets, Apostles, Sages, and Yogis that have this ability. This is the right of passage of every human being if they choose to see. This is what is called being illuminated, having the sight, the gift. Where the conscious mind fuses with the Global Consciousness. This is what Magic really is, this is what it always has been.


Cross Cultural Spirituality. What does that mean?

What it is NOT.

It is not a single religion or tradition, nor is there dogmas and theocratic conventions attached. Cross Cultural Spirituality is gaining momentum in all areas of spirituality including in some rather traditional religions. It is a span across time of the history of human consciousness that is now becoming Global Consciousness. The world is beginning to meld and blend in all areas of its existence. We are becoming one big melting pot culturally and spiritually.


In conclusion, we are all one, even though there are still some who attempt to segregate themselves from others. The world is changing and as an evolving species, we have no choice but to change with it. We either change and adapt to survive, or we become extinct and die. People are mixing and melding, blending religions, spirituality and culturally. We are slowly but surely becoming one big melting pot.

Blessed Be