Who Are the Wiccan Horned God and Triple Goddess?

The Horned God and Triple Goddess are generally the deities you’ll hear people associate with Wicca, but these very same concepts generate a lot of confusion. You’ll read a lot of books that will tell you the Horned God is like this, or the Triple Goddess is like that. There are a lot of oversimplifications and generalizations going on with these descriptions. Many Wiccan sources also refer to the Lord and Lady as well, or “The” God, and “The” Goddess (the article “the” implying they’re specific deities). This leaves people to wonder— to whom, exactly, are we referring when we use these terms?

Wicca, being a 20th century religion, is fairly unique in one way: we don’t actually have our own deities. That is, our religion wasn’t built around veneration of any specific deities of our own—we worship Pagan Gods and Goddesses of other ancient cultures in a new and modern world. We do not have our own unique pantheon, nor do we believe our religion was revealed to us by deities.

So, who are these characters, then, that you’ll find peppered throughout Wiccan books and websites? Who is the Horned God or the Lord or the God? Who is the Triple Goddess, the Lady or the Goddess? Let’s have a look.

Written by:
Mackenzie Sage Wright

 A Wiccan of 25 years, Sage likes to put her background as a writer and teacher to use by helping people learn about this NeoPagan path.
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2 thoughts on “Who Are the Wiccan Horned God and Triple Goddess?

    1. It depends on the spell and/or ritual I am doing on which God I call in for help I do not only work with The Horned God. I honor all the Gods much, in the same way, I would honor any of the Goddesses. I personally have a patron God and Goddess I work with a lot, So I guess my answer to your question is I always have something on any altar that represents a God either a small statue of a buck (male deer) that my father gave me or pinecones or picture of the God I am working with at the time (I print the pictures off of the internet). I have a small Sun pendant that I use on my miniature altar in a pigeon hole in my roll top desk. I also have a medium size metal thing in the shape of the Sun to represent Ra hanging in my, as I call it, witchy room. When I complete a ritual and am sharing my beverage and snack with whatever deity or deities I was working with I make sure to pour a separate amount for The Goddess and then for The God as I call them by name and give them my humble thanks for helping me. I also do this on behalf of my coven after any Esbat or Sabbat gathering. I am sorry if this explination does not make much sense but I haven’t really thought about this question in quite a few years as it has become natural to me to honor any God or Goddess I call upon for help. On a daily bases I guess I honor Ra every morning by saying hello and thanking him for his warmth and energy and also thank Mother Earth for her grounding and energy (yes these are my patron Goddess and God).

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