US Veteran Care

To All CovenLife And WOTC Viewers

I ‘m Tharem a US Veteran. I have read a post from Lady A. about a US Veteran spent a night at the VA hospital in order to see a doctor. With a healthcare at the VA facility I go to has been really good that I seen. With that said, if I hear about one of my fellow veterans not getting help for some reason, I want to know so I can make sure that they get it. I am connected with many VA groups. I can say that the veteran who want help will get it. If you are a veteran, family member of the veteran, or know a veteran and are looking for help. Please contact me through my email. I will try to get the right group to help you/ them out. This is my way of paying forward for all the help that I have received and am still receiving. I consider all servicemembers are my brothers and sisters. Yes, I am putting out my email with the ok from Lady Beltane. it is This is to aid all veterans who needs help and want it. I will do my best to get you/them to the right people for the help they need.

Second thing is that there is one prime area that I see will help out all veterans out is that is the need and should get is Dental Care. I have a lot of medical coverage, but I do not have dental coverage. I believe there are other veterans who needs it and are not getting it.

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