Are You Help Mother Earth to be Healthier or Contributing to Her Sorrow and Pain?

This is just one of the many images you can find for the Earth Goddess that goes by many names according to which culture you are looking for information about her. My preference is calling her Mother Earth as I see all living things being born from her including people.

In America and I think around the world April 22nd is a day dedicated as Earth Day. One day a year we are supposed to do something positive for the planet we inhabit with a lot of other living creatures, plants, trees, flowers, etc. How can just one day a year doing something positive for Mother Earth really help? Should we not be trying to do our best every day to help the Goddess and planet that gives life to everything on her?

What is a simple thing you can do every single day to help Mother Earth and all living things on her become healthier? How can you help yourself and others to live in harmony once again with all living things? As I was contemplating these questions for myself this morning my Guides gave me a mantra to share with others to not only help Mother Earth but ourselves to become more positive thinking and feeling people. Here is the mantra or daily affirmation I am to share with you: “I love the planet Earth home and wish her health and happiness.”

Keep in mind positive thoughts and actions bring you positive results in all that you set out to do.