The Runes & The Elemental Links

This is the last posting Lady Abyss did about runes in one day of posting information about them one after the other. But I am pretty sure that on you may find other posts she or some one at WOTC did before these. There are also a couple of posts I did about runes here in Coven Life. As a reminder to find all the posts on runes on either side use the”Search Box” type in “Runes” and it should bring up the articles about them. When you reach the end of the Search page click on “Older Posts” to see more in the topic. Do not be surprised or get frustrated if posts not directly about Runes come up the reason they do is the article might have the word Runes in it somewhere. I am going to ask Lady Abyss’ permission to compile all of her informative posts about runes into a PDF style booklet. More on this idea when she gets back from spending time with her family.

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The Runes & The Elemental Links

Most people with even a smattering of knowledge of astrology will be aware of the elements of earth,
air, fire and water, and that three zodiac signs fit into each element. It should come as no surprise,
therefore, to learn that a rune also corresponds to each element.

What follows here are the most widely accepted linkages between the elements and four of the runes.
Also given are other runes which are said to link in with the element being discussed.

The element of earth is concerned with solid foundations, and with keeping in touch with reality. It
may be interesting to learn that Eihwaz, an earth rune, is sometimes called ‘the Rune of Death’ because
of the poisonous qualities of the yew tree with which it is associated.

Also associated with the earth element are Uruz, Wunjo, Berkana, Othila, Isa (which can…

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