The Blank Rune And Further Use

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The Blank Rune And Further Use

We have now covered all the symbols on the runes, and have looked in detail at their meanings. It is
now necessary to consider the rune which has no symbol, but which has a strong meaning, and that
rune is the blank rune or wyrd. We will then progress to learn which runes to use to create new names,
and which runes should go before and after the name to symbolise the aspirations of the holder. We
shall also take a look at the runic Kabbala, before discussing ways of casting the runes.

This rune has no connections with any planet, zodiac sign, bird, plant or animal. It is the rune of
karma or fate, and concerns things which cannot be predestined, but which also cannot be avoided. As
it has no symbol, it has no place within the runic alphabetical system, and…

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