Witches Are Meant To Be Subversive And That Is Our Power

Witchcraft and all of its related practices have long been associated with those who would deign to challenge the status quo. Back when women were persecuted into submission, it is little wonder that the ones who were accused of witchcraft were the ones who stood out, who didn’t fit the mold, who acted “outside their station”, or who otherwise posed a threat to others from a power standpoint. I’ve recently had the fun of mapping out my family tree on Ancestry.comand discovered that I am related to a mother and a daughter who were accused of witchcraft in the late 1600s because the mother had inherited a great deal of property from her father, thus becoming a threat. Thankfully nothing came of those accusations unlike many who were far less fortunate during that time. But it is a prime example of the sort of scenario it took for those to get accused.

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