My Quest to Find the Elemental Guardians of the Watchtowers

Once upon a time, two student witches sat in discussion with an old, curmudgeonly Wiccan priest. He asked, “When Wiccans call to ‘the guardians of the watchtowers’ of the four quarters, to whom are we speaking?”

The first witch, who already happened to be a High-Priestess in two different lineages of Initiatory Witchcraft, answered, “There are several possibilities. One choice is the Elemental Rulers: Paralda, Necksa, Djin, and Gob.”

The old priest’s surly eyebrows arch, as he scoffs in surprise. “What? Who told you that?”

Her cheeks redden, betraying her confusion. “Well…all of my teachers; all of the books,” she defends, eyes seeking confirmation from her fellow student.

The second witch, who’d long been upon the eclectic path of Modern Witchcraft (that would be me) chimed right in. “Yes, the elemental Kings and Queens are one choice of guardian.  I think of them as the personified collective consciousnesses of the four elemental planes. They rule the beings known as elementals: sylphs, undines, salamanders, gnomes.”

To continue reading…..

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